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Author: UncleBRUCE
Downloads: 759
Description: DOMINATION
Size: 1MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
DOMINATION - Terratorial Command
By UncleBRUCE. 1st June 1999
v 1.0

** General information**
Title : Domination
Filename : dominat.bsp, dominat.txt, domreadme.txt, sentences.txt
Author : Keith Schoen (UncleBRUCE)
Email : [email protected]
Description : Team Fortress Classic, Terratorial command 'with a twist'

Other maps by this author : No Mans Land

Number of Teams : 2
Recommended # of Players: 20+, This map is fairly large and should therefore be played
with as many people as possible.

** Map information **
New Textures : none
New Sounds : none
Editor used : Worldcraft 2.1
Build time : 2 months (on and off)
Compile Machine : P2-450, 128 Megs RAM, 3.5GB Free hard disk space
Compile time : 60 mins

** Installation **

Extract the zip into your "Half-Life/tfc/" directory and the files should be
automatically placed into the correct directories.
If this does not work, e-mail me at the address above.

** Game Rules **

Primary objective: Basic terratorial command rules apply, place a flag from your flag room onto each of
the five command points.
Secondary objective: Destroy the enemy base. Two people will need to open the enemy detonation point, at
which time the detonation key should be brought from your base and placed upon the detonation point.

Scoring: 1 point for every 30 seconds you hold a command point. 25 point bonus for capturing all command
points. 10 point bonus for destroying the enemy base.

Other Notes: Flag carriers move at half-speed. Flags return immediately when dropped. Detonation key returns
to the base after 60 seconds if dropped. Detonation point remains open FOR 60 SECONDS ONLY!

** Additional information **

This is primarily a territorial command style map, although with this map I tried to move away from the more
summetrical style of Canal Zone 2. You will notice that the bases are not particularly big, this is because I
wanted to focus play on the main areas of the map and not have people hiding in their bases all day. Although
the bases are small, there are still reasons to defend it, namely the fact that the other team will likely be
trying to destroy it, but defence will be more focused around defending the individual command points rather
than the bases.
I tried to include many prime sniping spots, and there are quite a few if you know where to look! I have
also included a secret room that needs a detpack to be gotten to (mail me if you find it!). There are four resupply
points scattered around the map, not including one grenade resupply point per team. There are no specific spawning
rooms, instead the spawnpoints are spread around the entrances to the bases.

I tried to get a kind of industrial feel to this map, a bit of a contrast to my last map No Mans Land.
If you were wondering by the way how I managed to release this so quickly after No Mans Land, the reason is simply
that I've had this map in an 'almost ready' state for a while now, I just got bored of it and decided to start a
new map for some variation.
R_speeds shouldn't be too much of a problem. There are a few 'blackspots' where they go above 600, but these
very low traffic areas so gameplay shouldn't be affected too much. They average at about 350 which I'm actually
rather chuffed about considering the detail I put in.

Anyway have fun and email me with your comments if you like (or don't like) this map.


Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH

This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in
any way without my permission.