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Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What's the history of this site?
  • Team Fortress File Factory was started in 1999. Originally hosted on Planet Fortress as a static hand-authored site, it transitioned to being a dynamically server-generated page with a SQL-based database in 2003 and moved to its own domain in 2004. It has seen limited-but-continuous maintenance ever since in order to stay compatible with newer versions of PHP and mySQL.

  • How do I get my file on this site?
  • Please see the contact page for information on sending files to be hosted by TFFF. New files are occasionally added, with a general focus on preserving TFC maps that are currently played by the existing playerbase.

  • Do you have a button that I can use for linking to this site?
  • There are two versions, one animated, and one that is a still image. Feel free to use either one.
    Still Image: