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File  DownloadsDateCategoryFile Size [more info] - Coolcrap sniper pak  173310/04/2002 Paks 62KB
This is a very sleek looking sniper rifle model that can be used in place of the one that comes with TF. [more info] - Coolcrap Engineer upgrade  186710/04/2002 Paks 637KB
This has a new sentry gun model, new spanner model, and a new dispenser model. All are visual improvements over the models that come with TF.
DOX_2men& [more info] - 2men & a fast mofo + techboy Teamfortress addon  309910/04/2002 Paks 1.4MB
This includes the files from the engineer pak file (also from DOX) as well as new models, skins, sounds for the classes soldier, hwguy, scout and engineer. It also has other miscellaneous models. [more info] - TF cool skins  300810/04/2002 Paks 359KB
This puts new skins on all of the player classes.