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File: 2men & a fast mofo + techboy Teamfortress addon
Filename: DOX_2men&
Author: DOX
Downloads: 3116
Description: This includes the files from the engineer pak file (also from DOX) as well as new models, skins, sounds for the classes soldier, hwguy, scout and engineer. It also has other miscellaneous models.
Size: 1.4MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Title : 2men & a fast mofo + techboy Teamfortress
Filename : DOX_2men&
Version : 2.0
Date : 28/10/98
Author : DOX
Homepage :
Email : [email protected]
Credits : First of, I'd like to thank a lot of people for their friendly support that ive received over the last pak
(engineer uprade) and interest in when the next pak was due out. Sorry its taken soooo long, but Im not
a mod maker, I'd rather just play Teamfortress than non stop just fiddle with all the little bits and pieces
...but yet here u are with the latest results...hey..i eventually got it out before TF2.....just :P

Also like to thank Kromax (my bro) for the web page, and Chunka for his foine html editing...thanks
& anyone else i forgot thank thinks they should get a mention here....just fill in the blanks with ur name :)

Contents: This zip contains new models, skins, sounds for the classes Soldier, Hwyguy, Scout & Engineer
plus a whole bunch of new miscellaneous models for teamfortress 1.

This zip contains pakx.pak, paksoft.pak & readme

Pakx.pak contains the new models/skins/sounds
paksoft.pak contains a fix for software users only
readme.txt ...your reading right now.

Pakx.pak contains the following...
turrgun.mdl v_axe.mdl
turrbase.mdl v_rock2.mdl
tgib1.mdl v_shot.mdl
tgib2.mdl v_shot2.mdl
tgib3.mdl v_nail.mdl
disp.mdl v_asscan.mdl
missile.mdl v_span.mdl
backpack.mdl v_rail.mdl
dgib1.mdl armor.mdl
dgib2.mdl ammobox.mdl
dgib3.mdl grenade2.mdl
hgren2.mdl biggren.mdl

b_batt0.bsp b_nail0.bsp
b_batt1.bsp b_nail1.bsp
b_bh10.bsp b_shell0.bsp
b_bh25.bsp b_shell1.bsp
b_bh100.bsp b_rock0.bsp

ermmm..Fark i aint gonna write all the sounds down..but theres lots of 'em..some new..some old...some borrowed :P
not all of em are to do with these classes here, but i like em none the less.

tf_sold.pcx tf_hwguy.pcx
tf_scout.pcx tf_eng.pcx (new version)


Simply unzip this zip into your quake/fortress directory.

Select the pak u want (usually 'pakx.pak') to use on your system, and simply rename it to the next pak file in the directory

If you have a pak0.pak, pak1.pak & pak2.pak, just re-name it to pak3.pak etc.
If u dont have any paks, name it pak0.pak..or just unpack it all

Note for software people:
You also need to rename paksoft.pak to the next pak file after the pak file u just created.
Because these pak files are optimized for 3dfx, u need the softpak which has another
copy of the Sentry turret mdl only in it.


Note for GLquake people:
For this to work correctly, you need to delete the quake/id1/glquake dir..

ASWELL AS quake/fortress/glquake dir!


These directories hold the meshes of your old sentry/rocket launcher/shotguns etc.
If u dont these mdls will look all screwed up and folded over and inside out.
After u delete the folder a new one will be made the next time u run glquake again.

All the mdls that come with teamfortress are meshed in the quake/fortress/ glquake dir
All mdls that originally come with Quake1 are meshed in quake/id1/glquake dir
(just make sure after u delete those folders, u run teamfortress FIRST!, before quake for the first time
after u delete them..once they mesh then its ok.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

I dont long as u dont make any money from it, without giving me lots of it (if applicable) hehe :P