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If you have a file you'd like TFFF to add, need to report a bug in the site, a broken link, or need to contact TFFF about something, please see the following information:

  • Submitting a file

  • It is requested that you upload the file to a server for TFFF to download from. If this isn't possible and the file is under 3MB, you may attach it to an email.
    Please include the following information when sending the file: All files should be in zip (preferred) or rar format (self extracting executables should not be sent unless there is a valid reason). Include all of this information in an email to [email protected]. Submissions without all information are likely to be rejected.

  • Report a bug

  • Bugs in the functionality of this site may crop up. When submitting a bug report, please include the url that has the bug, and any steps that may be necessary to reproduce it. Send bug reports to [email protected].

  • Report a broken link

  • When submitting a broken link, please include the url containing the broken link along with the specific link. Send this information to [email protected].

  • General contact info

  • All correspondence should be done via email. You can contact the site maintainer at: [email protected].