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File: TF cool skins
Author: DOX
Downloads: 3022
Description: This puts new skins on all of the player classes.
Size: 359KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
These are Skins for Team fortress.

First of I would like to thank all the orginal artists who made the skins
that I chopped, edited, cut & pasted and drew over to create these skins.
Where possible I left the skins as much unchanged as possible, other
than drawing them a bit neater and cleaner. I've also avoided changing
the look of the classes too much from the orginal skins theme, other
than obvious changes eg. sniper - dressed to look like sniper.

I originally just modified the soldier skin because he looked like such
a nobber, green ninja turtley thing. But decided to change them all and
I think the results look and fit in well with TF.

Thanks to Kenneth Scott (DPF) whose skins are some of the best in the quake
community... A lot of the skins had some parts from one or two DPF skins.
Sorry if there is a unwritten law not to use other artist skins as bases,
but I dont have the time to completely redraw them all, especially since
there are so many great forementioned skins availible. Also hearty thanks
go out to Alan (partycrasher) Yen, who i forgot to mention originally as his
skins are fantastic too.
Team fortress needed some kick ass skins.

I have tested all the skins gamewise, and they are easy to see, and
easier to identify, also having an additional shirt colour.

This zip contains : pakcool.pak
Tf cool skins text (this file)

To get these skins working

(these instructions are for newbies) :)
So skip if you know what to do already..

* Copy pakcool.pak to your fortress directory
* If you have no other .pak files in this directory, rename pakcool.pak to pak0.pak
* If you had a pak0.pak file in the fortress directory, rename pakcool.pak to pak1.pak
* If you also had a pak1.pak file in your fortress directory, rename pakcool.pak to pak2.pak
* If you also had a pak2.pak file in your fortress directory, rename pakcool.pak to pak3.pak
* If you also had a pak3.pak file in your fortress directory, rename pakcool.pak to pak4.pak
* If you also had a pak4.pak file in your fortress directory, well you know the drill by now.

* Wonderbar!! go play!.

Have fun.. just dont stare at these skins too long in game, or you will
end up DEAD!..hehe .......unless they're on your team!

TF is such a fantastic mod..Cudos to the Tf team for making it.

([email protected])

For easier installation, --rOt-- ([email protected]) put the skins into the pakcool.pak and slightly edited this text file...