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File: Beat Down
Author: Deride
Downloads: 594
Description: Beat Down
Size: 542KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Beat Down - TFC-Death Match 1 vs. 1
By:Jay "Deride" Lindholm of the Kindred Clan.

Objective: Learn your basics in this 1 vs. 1
TFC-Death Match map. Four Arenas:

1: Ramp Room Rampage
2: Water Hazard
3: Bridge Beat-Down
4: Yankee Yard

Scoring: 1 Frag per Kill.

Other Notes: Blue warps send you to and from
the main respawn room, to selected arena,
or back. For Spectators there are yellow
warps which move you to another view
location in the same arena.