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File: battle_snipe
Author: [NSA]Austin
Downloads: 562
Description: battle_snipe
Size: 349KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Map - Made by [NSA]Austin & Sli/\/\ ...he he

Snipe the Other Team & the Player with the Most Kills
after Da Map Time is the Winner -=:])--()--

The 1st Idea by [NSA]Austin - MSN & E-mail :
[email protected] (icq - 124179441)
The Main Constuction by [NSA]Slim Shady - MSN & E-Mail :
[email protected]

Team Effort oN DiS MaP... HoPe U peeps ENJOY : )

Testing & Mapping Advisor & Texturing by [NSA]-SeWeRsiIDe
Website -

Other Testers: The_PHANTOM & also [NSA][email protected]!|GuN

Clan[NSA] Offical Website -
Snipers League -