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File: arena_beta3
Author: 8_shooter
Downloads: 591
Description: arena_beta3
Size: 243KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
arena_beta3 [sniper_arena]

Sniping map that has 2 teams [up to 12 snipers on each], not only can you snipe from the
forts but you can also go outside and snipe

Scoring: 1 point for every opponent killed.

sniper arena was designed and constructed by 8_shooter... email me at [email protected]

***Special thanks***
I would just like to thank Valve Software and TFC Software for making Half-life and TFC...

put all the files that came in this zip file into you Half-life/tfc/maps directory
and then you are set to play.

arena_beta3 is copyright 2000 Justin Virok [8_shooter]
you may NOT distribute this level UNLESS you include these files with NO MODIFICATIONS!
Authors or anyone else may not use this map as a base to build any additional maps or levels.
This BSP may only be distributed over the internet and\or BBS systems. You are not
authorized to put this BSP on any CD unless of course you send me an email asking for my
permission to distibute it.

Have a good time sniping!!!!!!!!