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File: *AKA* KOTH
Author: *AKA*GenBowl
Downloads: 682
Description: *AKA* KOTH
Size: 661KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Title : *AKA* KOTH - King Of The Hill
Date : April 25, 2002
Filename : aka_koth.bsp
Author : David Brent *AKA*GenBowl
Email Address : [email protected]
Home Page :

Description : This is yet another King Of The Hill map with a murderball theme kept in mind.
You must take your team flag from your team respawn area, and capture it on top
of a building in the center of the map. The point is to capture your flag, and
keep it there as long as possible. The longer you keep the hill, the more points
you get for your team. There are also some user controlled turrets on top to assist
in defense.

Additional Credits : 1. Classic*AKA* ( and all of it's staff,
for keeping up the kick ass game servers for so long!
2. The repawn area, the railroad brick building, the flatdeck building with chimney, and middle capture point building are all originals from the cornfield map. All construction and props for those buildings are the original mappers work. I simply altered them for aka_koth.
3. Valve software for making this great game.


* Play Information *

Single Player : No
Deathmatch : No
Team Fortress : Yes
Difficulty Settings : No

* Construction *

Base : Ideas from 5hells & murderball, original building construction from cornfield, altered by GenBowl for the aka_koth map. All props go to the makers of cornfield
Editor(s) used : Worldcraft 3.3
Known Issues : There is a small error in the scoring system which could be major if this map is used for any competition or league type match. If any player switches teams during gameplay, the lowest teams score will be raised to the highest team score so that each team is tied. The score will stay like this until a team point is made either by capping or 10 second continuation scoring. After a point is added, the score will go back to the way they were before swtiching teams. There is also one more major bug: If PlayerX captures the flag, switched to the other team and switches back to his own team (switching teams to avoid infection/dying to change class), he will give the other team the same amount of team points so that they are tied. Unlike the other bug, this one stays, unless PlayerX stays on that other team. Basically, any kind of team switching can eventually lead to mistakes in team scores.

Total Compile Time : 7 hours
Compile machine : PIII 700mhz 256MB RAM DS III S540 32MB
QCSG Time : 10 second
QBSP Time : 12 second
QVIS Time (full) : 6 hours
QRAD Time (extra) : 1 hours

* Permissions *

No selling this map for money!
I know you want to whore my map, but I just don't like my maps whored!
Free distribution online is fine as long I get credited for the map & the cornfield mappers get credited for their contruction of the original buildings.
Please email me if you do share this map or any of the zip contents online.

You MAY NOT alter or add on to this level AT ALL, find someone else to whore from.

E-mail me your thoughts on my level. Whats good, whats bad etc. I love feedback, it keeps me going!