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File: 2play4
Downloads: 632
Description: 2play4
Size: 202KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
2play4 - Classic Capture the Flag

Objective: Make your way to where
the enemy Flag resides.
Grab it and bring it
back to your Base.

Scoring: 10 pts per captured Flag

Other notes: Flag drops to the ground
when the carrier dies.
After 30 seconds The Flag returns
to the place from where it were taken.

The Green kevlar armor
protects against shells.
The Yellow blast armor
protects aganist explosions.
The Red ceramic armor
protects aganist fire.

Other notes,

This map is designed for a small number of players on LAN at home or the office - training or serious combat.

Any comment please send them to:

[email protected]