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File: 2 Outdoor Bases
Author: Petrath
Downloads: 879
Description: 2 Outdoor Bases
Size: 286KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
TFC Map 2out
---General Information---
Title: 2 Outdoor Bases
Filename: 2out
Author: Petrath
Other lvls by author: None ever released
Email address: [email protected]
Home page: None
Additional Credits to: Friends for playtesting, not that they minded :)

---Play Information------
Map Description: eerr...1 base on each end of an smallish outdoor area with a chasm in the middle
Map Objective: Basically a 2fort but for really small games and with the flag as the same place as the capture point.
Scoring Information: 10 per capture
Number of Teams: 2
Recommended # of Players: 1-3 per team

Base: None
Editor(s) used: Bsp, cause i can't stand worldcraft or quark, i didnt like an older version of qoole i tried and when i tried qeradiant it wouldnt install...
Compile Machine: P2-333, 96MB RAM - but it was doing some other things at the time
Compile time:
QCSG: 18 secs
QBSP2: 23 secs
VIS: 571 secs
QRAD: 72 secs
Total: 684 secs