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File: Demolish
Author: NeonLight
Downloads: 37
Description: Disable the Enemy Security and Capture their flag! Defend your flag.
Size: 2.1MB
Date: 04/03/2023

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Additional Info:
Demolish by NeonLight

Objectives: Capture the Flag
Disable the Enemy Security and Capture their flag!
Defend your flag.

10 team points per Capture.
Flag returns after 45 seconds.


4/1/23 demolish
Removed bottom bag in flagroom
Added ladder to battlements in ramp room
Added blue flag and red cap point
Adjusted shoot push

2/23/23 demolish_b8
Adjusted battlements entrance
Added more upper walkway in flagroom
Second bag moved up top flagroom
Added second ladder to top walkway in flagroom
Lowered the back left ramp platform in flagroom

2/14/23 demolish_b7
Moved Cap Point to Front Door logo
Adjusted ceiling in Foyer
Moved pillars in Foyer
Removed secondary Battlements hall, added catwalk from Battlements to Button floor hall
Removed Resupply health, armor, and bag. Made water pools have resup field
Removed trim at top of button ramp entrance
Added ladder near shoop at Button
Adjusted Button bag (75 -> 50 cells)
Added extended catwalk in flagroom above Main Ramp
Moved bag back onto catwalk

11/23/22 demolish_b6
Adjusted Button jump pad
Moved second bag in Flag Room to corner bewteen Switch and Main Ramp
Changed Button to Flagroom Hallway (Increased Width and Height of hall)
Fixed various lights not being illusionary

11/23/22 demolish_b5
Lowered ceiling in top Respawn
Adjusted lower Main Ramp for easier Offense access
Removed trim at top Main Ramp
Adjusted right wall in Foyer
Lowered Cap Point into floor, no more trim around
Added Water Pit to Battlements
Made all Water Pit trims walk through-able
Added Laser Details at Flag
Various Texture/Lighting Changes/Fixes

11/18/22 demolish_b4
Added Water Pits in Yard
Main Ramps wider (288u -> 320u)
Adjusted Button Jump Pad, less disappearing rockets
Removed Health and Armor from the Flag Room corner bag
Adjusted Hallway from Button to Flagroom (no more Z Connector)

11/17/22 demolish_b3
Added no build zone to Spawns and outside Spawn door
Added lower ceiling/walls to Ramp side Foyer
Recentered Battlements to Foyer Entryway

11/x/22 demolish_b2
Shortened Yard
Elongated respawn water pits
Medics start 2|3 Grenades
Removed MIRV for HW, kept 1 on spawn for Demoman
Removed Top Ramp bag
Adjusted Battlements
Battlements Spawn Exit flush with Battlements floor
Fixed Button Light
Added additional security timer