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File: Stormz2
Author: MikeQuist[x7]
Downloads: 41
Description: This is a remodeling of the original x7stormz.
Size: 1.2MB
Date: 01/08/2022

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Additional Info:

Created By: MikeQuist[x7]


Objective: Deactivate enemy lasers and bring the enemy flag
to your capture point. The Capture point is located on the

Lasers are deactivated 45 seconds.
Flag respawns after being dropped 60 seconds.


This is a remodeling of the original x7stormz. The map has been
adjusted as seen fit to fix the errors apparent in the original,
and to improve upon the beauty using new light schemes and brushes.


Thanks to Clan [x7], and all others who playtested this and told
me what a large piece of shit it was. Without you, I might not
have my low self esteem!

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