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File: Machinations
Author: Blake Hyde
Downloads: 1909
Description: A CTF map built with the ikbase and Sock's egyptian texturesets, focused on versatile connectivity, movement, and nifty lighting.
Size: 2.2MB
Date: 06/26/2005

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Additional Info:

June 23, 2005

Blake Hyde (|K}{R|Yam)
[email protected]

This map is designed for the Team Fortress Classic modification.

Scoring: this is a CTF map. Ten points per cap. The capture point is located
in the archroom.


This is certainly one of the latest maps released for TFC--probably one of the
last. It took several years to complete, as I abandoned it several times only
to return to it later. It is atypical in that it uses a texture set which will
be familiar to many people who have played Quake or Quake 3: the excellent
ikbase set by Iikka "Fingers" Keranen. I also drew a few textures from other
sets, but by and large this is an ikbase map. Furthermore, I have constructed
this level in a more geometrically complex style than is typical for TFC, but
have clipped most of the decorative geometry in order to make the gameplay
smoother. It was designed from the beginning with league play in mind, though
it is viable for pickups and pubs. The map is intentionally darker than some
other maps, too, but there should be no areas where it is overly difficult to
see a defender.

A couple of notes on other "non-standard" aspects of the map.
* If you resupply in the archroom respawn, you receive "blast armor," which
makes you more resilient against explosions.
* Similarly, the rock room respawn provides shell-resistant armor.
* Respawns do not give you health. This is an intentional decision.
* The water entrance resupply bag can be used by either team.
* Grenades are available next to the "drop hole" from the arch room, and can
only be used by the defense. This bag also provides 200 cells for an
* The bases are side-by-side and mirrored. A left turn in the blue base
becomes a right turn in the red. This means that changing teams can
actually affect gameplay.
* The bases are connected only by "shoops"--the underground shoops and the
"long shoop." The long shoop only works in one direction for each team.
The underground shoop provides invincibility while you're inside it.


sirVIPER, for pestering me to finish for all these years.
MooN, for pestering me to finish for all these months.
|K}{R| in general, for being a great clan (over 350 matches!), and for
helping me playtest.
Mulchman, for his complimentary comments about a previous map, which
helped provide motivation for this one.
The QMap people, whose examples provided a wonderful model to emulate.


Put machinations.bsp, machinations.txt, and machinations_info.txt in your
[steam]\[account]\team fortress classic\tfc\maps directory.

For example, if your Steam is installed in C:\Program Files, and your account
name is nooblet375, the directory you need would be:
C:\Program Files\Steam\nooblet375\team fortress classic\tfc\maps