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File: Deadmeat's Underground
Author: Deadmeat
Downloads: 1901
Description: Shutdown CTF
Size: 1.1MB
Date: 06/26/2005

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Additional Info:

----Deadmeat's Underground----

Objective: Shutdown CTF for HL mod TFC
Scoring: 10 points per Capture.
Notes: Flag carriers drop the flag when
they die. Dropped flags return to your base
in 45 sec. Lasers are down for 45 sec's too.
This map was made by Deadmeat (Jim Delorme)
with Value Hammer 2.4
email: [email protected]
12:46 PM 07/06/2005

Thanks to..
Cat Poop Jr. for the flag model
69th Vlatitude
The Snark Pit
TWHL WorldCraft


There are 2 waypoints for differant gameplays.
One that is 7.57 kbs will be easyer as it just uses
the demo and sg as defence.

The one that is 6.94 kb's I tried to get the demo to
go for the flag, and HWG's and Soldiers should stay
back and defend the little base. But if the flag is
off the flag point, they will go to the yard and
or main room.

I just rename the one that I'm not using to eather




Have a blast