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File: DM Conveyor Control
Author: Deadmeat
Downloads: 1756
Description: Capture the flag. Shoot the team signs to activate the conveyor.
Size: 650KB
Date: 06/26/2005

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Additional Info:

DM Conveyor Control

Objective: Capture the flag

Scoring: same old.

Notes: Shoot the team signs to
activate the convayer. Except big
team sign in upper ramp room. (cap point)
My first map using the train entity,
but I still don't know how to make it
so I can control the speed.

This map was made by Deadmeat (Jim Delorme)

email: [email protected]

This map is being made with Value Hammer 2.4
in about 2 weeks. and as u see I am still
a mapping knob. 12:11 PM 14/01/2005

Thanks to..
Cat Poop Jr. (for the flag model)
69th Vlatitude
The Snark Pit
TWHL WorldCraft