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File: Deadmeats Red Attack Version 2
Author: Deadmeat
Downloads: 1879
Description: TFC shutdown-style CTF map
Size: 656KB
Date: 04/11/2005

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Additional Info:

Game : Half-life mod Team Fortress Classic

Category : TFC shutdown ctf map

Filename: dmrav2

Full name: Deadmeats Red Attack Version 2

Notes: Flag carriers drop the flag when
they die. Dropped flags return to flagroom
in 45 sec. Laser as well 45 sec shutdown.
V2 is just the copy of the blue base. I made
the map red attack at start to be just a
attack defend shutdown map, but had to copy
the blue side to make a CTF.
FoxBot files included

Author: Deadmeat (Jimbo)

[email protected]

Made: 8:31 PM 26/11/2004

Thanks to..
Cat Poop Jr. for the flag model
69th Vlatitude
The Snark Pit
TWHL WorldCraft