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File: 2kfort4
Author: Defrag
Downloads: 1664
Description: A remake of the Valve classic.
Size: 1.8MB
Date: 04/01/2005

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Additional Info:
Background: This is a remake of the classic 2fort. The purpose of this remake is to achieve a better state of play via fixing a few problems, namely:
A: Remove the ability for engineers to build in respawns and resupplies, thereby ensuring defenders killed leave a hole in the defence for longer than 3 seconds
B: Marginally widen some spam-prone locations such as the spiral and lift bottom
C: Remove a few grenades from each bag, thereby ensuring less spam is available
D: Fix many of 2fort's niggles, such as the lift resupply turret maiming offence members when a defender opens the door (skill no, lame yes, effective -- sadly yes)

The name is just a nice imitation of QWTF's 2fortX (x being release version) coupled with the fact it's 2004.. 2k4 .. 2fort4 .. 2kfort4. Woei.
Title : 2kfort4
Filename : 2kfort4.bsp
Date: : 14/03/2004
Author : Mark Simpson (Defrag) for remake / Valve Software for original
Email Address : defrag ( a t ) (stop spambots hopefully)
Description : TeamFortress Classic CTF map
Number of Teams : 2
Recommended # of Players: 10-16
--------------------Technical Details----------------------
Base Used : The original 2fort, I decompiled it to ensure valve's dimensions were retained. Many of the dimensions have been purposely altered for gameplay reasons. Everything was built from scratch.
New Textures : Yes, compiled into BSP. Thank you to ID software for the castle stuff and to uBeR for converting a lot of it. I re-did / recoloured quite a few of the textures, too.
New Sounds : No.
New Environment : Yes -- Fullmoon. Thanks to [WTF?]MoOg. Few custom skies have me struggling to pick something else.. ;)
Editor used : Valve Hammer Editor 3.4
Build time : Roughly a day and a half for the main construction.. most of the time expended afterwards was getting feedback and tweaking things.
Compile time : Roughly 17 minutes with -full vis and -extra rad on Barton 2500 @ 3200 & 512 megs PC3200 RAM.
--------------------Install Information--------------------
Unzip the files to the /steam/steamapps/team fortress classic/ directory with paths enabled _OR_ unzip the bsp & txt files to /steam/steamapps/team fortress classic/tfc/maps and the image files to /steam/steamapps/team fortress classic/tfc/gfx/env.

Unzip the files to the /half-life/ directory with paths enabled _OR_ unzip the bsp & txt files to /half-life/tfc/maps/ and the image files to /half-life/tfc/gfx/env.
--------------------Play Information-----------------------
2kfort4 - Standard CTF.
Grab the enemy flag from their basement and capture it on the battlements of your base for 10 frags and 10 team points.
--------------------Changes Since First Release------------
Not too much, just general tweaks and things. The main things:
* Remade flags and cap points using entities to try and eliminate the "you captured the flag" message being delivered to all players for whatever reason (weird bug!)
* Optimised some parts using the null texture on hidden faces
* Added respawn turret to lift resupply in the corner so it cannot shoot offence members outside, but will protect defenders in the resupply
* Moved grenade bag @ tsp up a few virtual feet so offence members do not take it by accident any longer
* Added a secondary grenade to the far respawn's grenade bag so offence members can prime whilst picking up the bag and receive full concs
* Optimised func_illusionaries in various parts of the maps by grouping them together where possible (engy sg building not affected)
* Moved lift trigger so it behaves in the exact same manner as that of the original 2fort elevator
* Lowered lift doorway in line with the original (no more snagging whilst concing / RJing to bottom lift area)
* Lightened things a little more from b1
* Removed protection to stop flag being thrown on top of the battlements because it impeded throwing grenades / pipes etc over the hut (be careful!)
* Added BluR's face (excellent, if I may so bold as to comment myself)
* Straightened grenade bags in far respawn (they were slightly squint... yes I'm sure you're reading this and care!)
* Added the fullmoon sky
* Slightly blue-ish lighting added
* Some other minor things I can't remember now :<

--------------------Notes and Known Bugs-------------------
There are no bugs of which I am currently aware. Please let me know if you find any!
--------------------Thank You To the Following-------------
r~ for all members' thorough help in playtesting
The 404 guys for being .. 404 guys
The WTF? guys even though I've not spoken to any of them (bar chem) for a while 'cause I couldn't load the forum
All Far2cool / UKTFCL forum members for helping suggest and debug the map!
All Catacombs forum members for providing me with the same service, cheers!
Darth Greg for supplying me with a pickup HLTV run on the first beta
The admins of #tf.gather for running quite a few pickups on the map
The admins of the aS| server for running the map the moment it was into beta
I would mention more specific individuals that helped me more than most, but the UKTFCL forum doesn't have a search function and cats still won't load for me (either DNS is broken or I'm banned :P) so I'm typing this out of (my non existent) memory
MoOg for the sky
ID for the textures
uBeR for the original texture conversions
The FF guys for their encouragement.