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File: Siege Mentality Reloaded
Author: Defrag
Downloads: 1829
Description: Storm the enemy base and retrieve the flag from the FR.
Size: 2.7MB
Date: 02/24/2005

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Additional Info:
Title : Siege Mentality Reloaded
Filename : sm_reloaded.bsp
Date: : 21/04/2004
Author : Mark Simpson (Defrag)
Email Address : defrag ( a t ) (stop spambots hopefully)
Description : TeamFortress Classic CTF map
Number of Teams : 2
Recommended # of Players: 14-18
--------------------Technical Details----------------------
Base Used : My original map, Siege Mentality
New Textures : Yes, compiled into BSP. Thanks to eat (for converting the JK2 wad), gustavo (for a few wall textures used in the water area) and lucasarts (for the aforementioned JK2 textures).
New Sounds : No.
New Environment : Yes -- Morningdew. Thanks to the extremely prolific and very mighty pete ;). Pete's Site
Editor used : Valve Hammer Editor 3.4
Build time : Roughly 17 minutes with -full vis and -extra rad on Barton 2500 @ 3200 & 512 megs PC3200 RAM.
--------------------Install Information--------------------
Unzip the files to the /steam/steamapps/team fortress classic/ directory with paths enabled _OR_ unzip the bsp & txt files to /steam/steamapps/team fortress classic/tfc/maps and the image files to /steam/steamapps/team fortress classic/tfc/gfx/env.

Unzip the files to the /half-life/ directory with paths enabled _OR_ unzip the bsp & txt files to /half-life/tfc/maps/ and the image files to /half-life/tfc/gfx/env.
--------------------Play Information-----------------------
Siege Mentality Reloaded - Standard CTF.
Grab the enemy flag from their basement and capture it on the battlements of your base for 10 frags and 10 team points.
--------------------Changes Since Last Release-------------
Changes Since Beta 3:
* Altered health pack at elevator top to give 30/70 instead of 40/80
* Moved water at the lift foot forward a bit so it is still possible to grenade the basement sol if you actually aim the grens (hint, aim at the sides of the corridor and aim well!)
* Removed delay associated with spy elevator warning
* Changed spy elevator warning so it is only triggered by a spy when escaping *with flag* -- i.e. you can use the elevator without being revealed unless you have the flag
* Changed RR ramp to a solid form, no more hiding under the ramp for offy :P
* Fixed RR kill trigger that was jutting out from the respawn
* Added nobuild to the RR respawn corridor side
* Removed 100 entities by combining and optimising map, this should *hopefully* stop the HLTV bug that still persists

Changes Since Beta 2:
* Added ambient sounds outside and in water areas
* Added ramp exit to water entrance in each base, as a consequence it's easier to get out of the water whilst under pressure from defenders
* Added a bag to the top lift area containing 40 health, 80 armour and 1 grenade as well as some ammo. This should aid lift defenders and provide an impetus to defend the top rather than the bottom
* Modified the lift and the water pool at the foot of the lift, it is now impossible to lose health whilst dropping down (unless you land on the lift, which is tough to do on accident)
* ENEMY LIFT IS NOW ENEMY SPY FRIENDLY -- this should offer some interesting gameplay moments -- when the lift is triggered a warning voice informs the team whose lift is being used by a spy
* Reduced FR engy bag's delay by five seconds to 25 seconds
* Some more optimisation of func_illusionaries to hopefully solve the HLTV issue, needs testing
* Changed respawn method so that everyone receives full health and armour on spawn (but _NOT_ grenades)
* Added extra conc for scouts and medics on spawn
* Added spawn messages that tell the player in which respawn they spawned (balc or RR)
* Added 10 units of speed to the escalators (a change of under 10%)

Changes Since Beta 1:
* Optimised various parts of the map using even more null textures in conjunction with entities, mainly
* Lengthened water entrance by maybe 30% (as suggested by merc's face)
* Added colour rims and lighting to water entrances
* Changed blue metal texture to a new one I made for the red base (I left the red spiral as the blue-grey texture as I like the look better, it's quite neutral)
* Fixed water area clip brushes to stop snagging @ top ent
* Changed water texture
* Altered basement resupply guard so it is back a bit and won't interfere with gameplay
* Changed resupply guards so they flash like roasted_l's
* Added RR ladder & extended platform a little so medics can bhop across if they are careful
* Altered a few texture errors on tbe balcony, fd area and a few other miscellaneous problems
* Added a small lip that runs across the back of the FR for better connectivity
* Added nobuild entities to the teleporter exit area in the RR respawn (thanks Akasha)
* Fixed conveyor texture flowing in the wrong direction in the blue base
* Removed elevator ladder so it is harder for the offence to take it any other way bar spiral
* Fixed elevator lighting
* Added colour lighting to FR
* Optimised func_illusionaries by grouping some signs together as one entity (does not affect sg building)
* Fixed a wall that had the null texture applied, thereby letting players see through to the adjacent hallway (albiet only very slightly, it was an issue nonetheless)

Changes From Original Base Map
There has been a great deal of changes, I'll try to run over the main ones. For a start, the front door, water entrance, ramp room, secondary rr passage, respawns and basement/fr in each base have all been totally remade.
I've given each change a great deal of thought, and I hope to have created a fun and quite varied map which is easy to learn.
There are a lot of cool ramp slides and special tricks you can perform. I'll just leave it at that.
--------------------Notes and Known Bugs-------------------
There is no current buglist, I shall add bugs as they are discovered.
I am looking to achieve a well-balanced map that encourages four nicely layered defenders. The top lift is now defendable, the respawns are in such a place that killed defenders are away from their position for a decent amount of time and there are various other things I've done.
Any suggestions for further alterations and gameplay considerations are encouraged. Please mail me!

--------------------Thank You To the Following-------------
Eat / Gustavo / Lucasarts / MightyPete / The Wadfather for the map resources.
The FF guys for their encouragement.
The r~ guys for their input.
The 404 guys for being .. 404 guys.
The WTF? guys.
AGT-SuperSumo for being an all-round superstar and helping me a lot with extended feedback amongst other things, cheers mate!
BluR's face.
Merc's face.
Robo's face (even though it is permanently obscured by strategically placed yuletide trees).

Peace for helping me test the lift message

Legal Stuff:
This map was designed and created by Mark Simpsons, please do not copy this level in any shape or form without permission.
Please do not use this level as a base for your own without permission. If you wish to include this map on any kind of CD or publication, please ask me first.
Cheers, and enjoy!