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File: Vondruke
Author: skifly
Downloads: 1680
Description: Power up capture the flag
Size: 7.9MB
Date: 06/30/2004

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Additional Info:
Vondruke: power up capture the flag

Take enemy flag and bring back to your battlements then select a powerup for the enemy team.
The stronger the powerup, the more points your team gets.
Don't drop the flag or die in the capture room or enemy respawn!

Special Thanks to:

Dragline for the Holy Hand Grenade model

The guy who made the dragoon wad
[email protected]

The Mighty Pete for the gold rush sky

uber for the castle wad

V-TFL for using this map!


Revisions for vondruke_l:

Reversed point values and recipient of powerup. You now choose what powerup the enemy team gets.
The stronger the powerup, the more points your team receives.

Added lights to help find powerup. (until steam fixes titles)

Blue/Red light: 10 points
Clockwise from Blue/Red light:
Health Regen: Enemy team gains 8 health every 8 seconds 20 POINTS
Ammo Regen: Enemy team gains ammo every 8 seconds 15 POINTS
Water Entrance: Your water entrance is opened 20 POINTS
The Beast: Enemy team gains quad, invincibility, invisibility for 20 seconds 45 POINTS
Security Warnings: Enemy team is notified when your team nears the spiral, dungeon, or water entrance 20 POINTS
Quad Bunker: The area below the enemy team's battlements opens, and gives 1 player in that area quad damage 30 POINTS
Hot Water: Enemy team's flag room water will hurt you 1 damage every half second or so 25 POINTS
Super Scouts: Enemy team scouts spawn with 10 seconds of invincibility 40 POINTS
Quad Power: A quad damage is made available for the enemy team in your dungeon 35 POINTS
Extra Grenades: An extra 15 second grenade bag is placed in the enemy flag room 40 POINTS
Armor Regen: The enemy team gains 20 armor every 8 seconds 25 POINTS

L2 Revisions:
Cleaned up the ladder to bments area, and added small drop down to dungeon
Moved lower spawn gren pack so you couldn't grab it through the wall