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File: Castle Argh 3 - The Quest for the Cathedral
Author: Drunken Gun, 007, KrunchyWater, and Zouave
Downloads: 1559
Description: Invade and defend
Size: 2.9MB
Date: 06/30/2004

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Additional Info:

Castle Argh 3
The Quest for the Cathedral

Architecture/Layout: John "Drunken Gun, 007" Fuller
Coding/Entities: Drew "KrunchyWater" Andrade
Textures: Bryan "Zouave" Dillow

The long-awaited map, this nearly took a year from start to completion.
The trek to finish it was riddled with bugs, changes, and cursing.
I hope you enjoy it... dammit.

The map is Avanti styled, with four capture points. The attacking side
must open the drawbridge to advance to cap 1, and the rest is
self-explanatory. Look for little perks :)