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File: Celestial
Author: Wacko
Downloads: 1586
Description: Capture The Flag Map
Size: 1.8MB
Date: 06/30/2004

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Additional Info:

A TFC Capture The Flag Map

To get the Flag you must first
Deactivate the lasers via a button.
Lasers will be deactivated for 40 seconds.

Other Info:
Spawn with Full Ammo, Armor, and Grenades.
Capture the Flag and get Ammo, Armor, and Grenades.
Teleporters in respawns goto Top Resupply and the Main Entrance.


Half Life Team Fortress Classic map

Title : Celestial
Date of Map Release : 06/20/03
Filename :
Files included :

Half Life------------|
|---------> Foxbot\celestial_foxbot readme.txt
|---------> Foxbot\TFC\Areas\celestial.far
|---------> Foxbot\TFC\Configs\celestial_bot.cfg
|---------> Foxbot\TFC\Scripts\celestial_fb.cfg
|---------> Foxbot\TFC\Waypoints\celestial.fwp
|---------> TFC\Celestial.wad, Celestial Read Me.txt
|---------> TFC\Maps\Celestial.bsp, Celestial.txt
|---------> TFC\Models\cel_bgp.mdl, cel_bnp.mdl, cel_rgp.mdl, cel_rnp.mdl
|---------> TFC\Overview\celestial.bmp, celestial.txt

Installing : Extract all files to your Half-Life folder.
Uninstall : Delete all the files above.
Author : [DTK] }${ Wacko lXl
Other Maps by Author : 2FortXercyst, 2FortXercyst_R, & 2Fort_Darker.
Email address : [email protected]
My Home page :
Clan DTK page :
Clan irc : gamesnet #clan-dtk
Map Description : Hit Button to deactivate lasers around flag.
Take the flag back to your base for capture.
Recommended # of Players : 18

---Map Information-------
New Textures : Yes (Some that are edit
New Sounds : no
New Skybox : no
New Models : Yes but there only Reskinned

Editor(s) used : WorldCraft 3.4 & 3.5 Beta
Based On : On a old map i made a year ago didnt like the way that one
looked and remodeled it with some minor layout changes.
Compile Log : At the end of Celestial Read Me.txt

---Models By-------------
[DTK] }${ Wacko lXl : Reskinned the normal green backpack.

---Textures By-----------
[DTK] Nascobar & [DTK] Poison : Posion made the first button then Nascobar enhanced it.
[DTK] Nascobar : Signs, Health/resupply Pad, and the Doors.

Note : The Blue_Generic is the same texture as in Halflife.wad named
generico15v. I added that texture to Celestial.wad so it would
make the same sound as the red floor did.

---Overview & Foxbot files By-----------
[DTK] Old Guy


You must not distribute this level unless you include all the files with no modification.
Play map at your own risk!

---Mapping Sites------

---Final Say---
Find any misspelled words or bad english grammer? Well good for you cause i dont care.


---PC that it was Compiled on---

PC specs : Windows Me (Yeah thats right i use it and have no problems with it)
AMD Athlon Thunderbird 900mhz
384 pc133 ram