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File: Blitzkrieg2
Author: redux
Downloads: 1708
Description: Capture the Flag
Size: 1.5MB
Date: 06/30/2004

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Additional Info:
Blitzkrieg2 - Capture the Flag
made by redux
Enter the enemy base and go to the flagroom.
Take the flag back to your base and on to the battlements to capture.
Your team recieves 10 points for each capture.
The player who captures recieves 10 points.
Other notes:
Flag carriers drop the flag when they die.
Dropped flags return to the flag room after 60 seconds.
uses rwater1.wav in tfc/sound
Map is sequel to blitzkrieg1, created in May of 2000
email: [email protected]


Title : blitzkrieg2
Date : 9/12/03
Filename : blitzkrieg2_r.bsp
Author : redux
Email Address : [email protected]
Description : Capture the Flag.
Other Maps : blitzkrieg1, december, redemptiontfc,
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: blitzkrieg2


Play Information

Single Player : No
Deathmatch : No
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : Yes
New Graphics : Yes
New Music : No



Base : Scratch
Editor used : Valve Hammer Editor 3.4
Compiler used: : Batch Compiler
Known Bugs : ?
Build Time : About 4 weeks.
Compile machine : 1.4 ghz AMD Athlon, 512 mb ram


Fixed version, original had problems with elevators.
Dedicated to the people at BOB The Server Low Gravity
( )
You guys rock!

Email with comments or questions.
[email protected]

Distribute in any way possible, I don't care, just as long as
you do not decompile this map and make it your own.