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File: Descent
Author: Skeebz
Downloads: 1288
Description: Another 'extreme' map, where it crosses too many boundaries, but still manages to be able to support league style play. The map allows loads of different tactics to be employed.
Size: 1.6MB
Date: 06/23/2004

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Additional Info:

Descent - CTF (with added thingies)
By Skeebz
[email protected]

Objective: Capture the Enemies flag

Other Notes: Tonnes of different little
ways of getting quicker / subtley to the
flag. Destroying the silo grate at the roof
of it will allow permanent access to the water
area. You can also go through the water pipes
to get under the flag.

You can deactivate the power to the base
near the flag room spawn point. Just at the
3 way 'F' junction, press the generators
controls button to take out the power for
60 seconds. The laser door in the mid map
and the flag room laser roof.

Thanks to:
- Defrag, lots of handy pointers to increase
the speed of league style play.
- Most of the [cic] clan for use of their server
for test purposes!
- Toothpick, my little haggis pal. <3