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File: waterpolo - Push-variant
Author: Trepid Mapping
Downloads: 1374
Description: An arena-style soccer map with a theme of a game of waterpolo
Size: 1.1MB
Date: 06/23/2004

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Additional Info:

This is one of those arena-style soccer maps. As the name implies, it's theme is a game of waterpolo. Well, you're not swimming in the water or anything like that, but you do have to keep the ball in the designated body of water -- which does lead to close calls when you're trying to land in the water. There's a set of beams that show ya just where ya can't go, even though it's obvious what's water and what's not. Along with the Blue & Red teams trying to score, they each have one goalie who is a quad damage and invincible having president that will rule you if you're not careful.


waterpolo - Push-variant

Created By: Trepid Mapping

Red & Blue Objectives:
- Take the ball to the enemy's goal to score.

- Goalie for Blue.

- Goalie for Red.

Scoring Information:
- 10 team points and 5 individual points for scoring.

Other Info:
- Red & Blue players spawn with full Health/Ammo/Armor
- Grenades are found in pack behind each goal.
- Goalies are invincible and have quad damage.
- Goalies cannot leave their designated area.
- The ball returns after 3 seconds.
- Touching outside the beams will strip the ball.