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File: murk - Assault
Author: Trepid Mapping
Downloads: 1222
Description: Six Hunters (soldiers) try to knock off as many Unfortunates (civilians) to help their team win
Size: 220KB
Date: 06/23/2004

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Additional Info:

For starters, murk is just a synonym for "dark." The idea for this map was basically created by those maps from Quake 3 with the bouncing pads that are used to get around everywhere. Most everyone has said the map is reminiscent of Richochet, but that certainly wasn't in our minds when we were tweakin this map out. The whole point of the map is for up to six Hunters (soldiers) to knock off as many Unfortunates (civilians) to help their team win. This task is greatly complicated by the fact that you have to do this while working your way around all these pads. Oh yeah, and the Unfortuantes are invincible and have quad damage -- so, Hunters are gonna be runnin for their lives. Just, get the map so you can know exactly what we're talkin' about.


murk - Assault

Created By: Trepid Mapping

No need for worries, you are empowered
with both quad damage and invincibility.
- Stay clear of the Hunters and avoid falling off of the pads.

Knock as many of the Unfortuantes off the pads as possible.
- Take the trip to the first pad and begin hunting Unfortuantes.
- You cannot kill the Unfortuantes. You have to shoot them off the pads.

Scoring Information:
- Unfortunates receive 5 points every 20 seconds.
- Unfortunates recieve 10 points when a Hunter falls.
- Hunters gain 5 points when an Unfortunate falls.

Other Info:
- Unfortunates aren't allowed in the Hunters' spawn.
- Both teams can use the ramps.
- You don't have to jump on/off the ramps.
Just run onto them in the direction of its arrow.