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File: wunmogin - Sniping
Author: Trepid Mapping
Downloads: 1278
Description: A sniping map for TFC.
Size: 2MB
Date: 06/23/2004

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Additional Info:

This is a sniping map for TFC. It was started after seeing the Brooklyn Bridge and thinkin' it would be cool to make really big bridge in a map. And then, I was watchin' Last of the Mohicans and heard the waterfall later on in that movie, and thought it would be cool to use that waterfall sound for a waterfall in a map. So, that's what this map is...a bridge and two waterfalls. It is a big map with high r_speeds, lots of steaming waterfall sprites, and really loud waterfall sounds. All of that makes the map have a really good feel to it. Anyway, stop reading this boring stuff and go play the map. As I mentioned, this map has high r_speeds, so don't try playing this on a slow machine.


Created By: Trepid Mapping

- Just snipe the enemy players.

Other Info:
- You can't cross the middle.