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File: Kandahar
Author: NukemsEvilTwin
Downloads: 1524
Description: Invade and Defend Map. The attackers must capture all command points to win the game.
Size: 3.5MB
Date: 07/18/2003

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Additional Info:

Kandhar - Invade and defend

Objective: The Attackers must capture all
command points to win the game.

There are three command points which must be
secured in order. The first is
located at Base Camp. The second is located
at the top of the Switchbacks. The third and
final command point is located in the Temple.

The Defenders must defend the command
points against the Attackers.

Scoring: Attackers - 30 points per command point
Defenders - 5 points per minute defending

Other Notes: When a command point is secured,
spawn points are revised and a new flag
appears. Rounds last 25 minutes.

[This map dedicated to the US Military who
served in Afghanistan defending our
country against terrorism]