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File: FireMesa
Author: Wildfire
Downloads: 970
Description: An update to 2mesa3, featuring all new brush and entity construction.
Size: 1.4MB
Date: 07/05/2003

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Additional Info:


Title : FireMesa
Date : 03/07/03
Filename : firemesa.bsp
Filesize : 3,356kb
Author : Chris Wood aka Wildfire
Home Page :
Email Addess : [email protected]
MSN : [email protected]


1) Valve/Sierra.
2) The Zoner compiling tools v2.5.3. [email protected]
3) Everyone who helped with playtesting and bug squashing


Firemesa is my third official TFC release, following Generic Mortality (mortality_l) and Terminal Reality (terminal). It's standard capture the flag fare, and an update to 2mesa3 by Walter Russell Swindell ([email protected]). Firemesa contains 100% original brush and entity construction. No brushwork or entities were copied or decompiled from 2mesa3 or any other map.

And me? I'm 21, an undergraduate studying Biological Sciences at the Univeristy of Birmingham, and I would VERY-MUCH appreciate some job offers :P


Base : Created from scratch - based on 2mesa3 concept
Editor(s) used : Hammer v3.4 (worldcraft!)
Build Time : approximately 1 year. that has to be a record.
Compile Time : ~20 mins
Custom textures : A handful, compiled into the map, all my own shoddy photoshop work.


All files into ../half-life/tfc/maps


Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

This level can be distributed by online or printed publication means as long as it remains within the original file and is not separated from the two accompanying text files.

Comments/etc welcome. Enjoy.