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File: Crude_Control
Author: [WTF?]Huenberry
Downloads: 952
Description: Capture and hold as many crude oil tanks as possible.
Size: 1.2MB
Date: 05/30/2003

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Additional Info:

Crude_Control by [WTF?]Huenberry
Capture and Hold====*There are no flags*
*run over the pad on top of the tank*

****Crude tanks closet to your bases, red and blue.
2 Thousand gallons of crude every 20 secs.
If captured by enemy, they get an immediate
25 thousand gallons of crude, 10 frags to the player
and 4 Thousand gallons of crude every 20 secs.

****Center crude tanks
1 Thousand gallons of crude every 10 secs.
2 Frags to the capping player.

Capture and hold as many crude oil tanks as possible.
To capture a tank, run over the pad on top of the tank.
Once captured the tank can't be retaken for 21 secs.
If you capture them all you DON'T respawn.
Your team will start off with control of the nearest
tanks to your base. There are a total of 8 oil tanks to

Title :crude_control
Filename :crude_control.BSP

Author :[WTF?]Huenberry
Email address :[email protected]
Website :
:Clan WTF?:
:Department of Enginerring
Description :Capture/hold the Crude Oil tanks.

Other maps: Canyonbase1 (2nd map), extraction, sublevel_slaughter,
Genome, cs_extraction, Turin, hunted_pow, shepic, jm_reactor

Type :TFC 8-14

Status :FINAL

New Sounds:no

New Models: yes, wtflag, wtfpack. Thanks to [WTF?]Un_ethical

New Textures: Yes, thanks to [WTF?]evile_dick for creating ed_terrain.wad

Select all and unzip to your halflife folder. Make sure to enable winzip's
'use folder names' option!
bsp, and both text doc in the tfc/maps folder.
wtflag.mdl and wtfpack.mdl go in your tfc/models folder.

*Many thanks to the Department of Enginerring.
*The State of Chaos server
for holding the playtest and all the
great fellows who are apart of the SoC clan.
*Team WuB and Lunatic with Candy.



MODELS: May only be used by clan [WTF?]!

***Authors - Permissions**************************************
This BSP Is the creation of Heath Hill - Aka [WTF?]Huenberry

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels,
Unless permission is sought from [WTF?]Huenberry.

You may not distribute this BSP without this file. Unless it
is downloaded through a Half-Life game server (not likely) using the autodownload feature.

You may not, in any way distribute this BSP for finacial profit.
This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in
any way without my permission. Though if you ask I'll probably let you.

If you believe any of that shite above then Im laughing.

I Thank you