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File: volleyball
Author: Doughnut
Downloads: 822
Description: Hit the fatty to the other side and score points on touchdown.
Size: 84KB
Date: 05/30/2003

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Additional Info:
Map by [eXeL]Doughnut-x4

Installation guide:

Install the zip into your Half-Life directory and everything
should fall into place!

For reference purposes or self installation:

Half-Life\tfc\maps volleyball

Special thx to: (deep breathe)
Clans that gave me a chance: UAF, NiX, SKS, eXeL, 4|4
Experienced Mappers who answered my tedious questions: Mulchman, TyrantII and everyone @ #iNvasionWorks
Also thanks to: Silkk, Dogfighter, LadyM (and BabyM), Roxx, Gh0st, Ultima, AssMongrel, DK, FadetoBlah,
Poly, Pant, Vio, jigga, SC, skewy, Zues, SatansWill, iabd, BlaZe, Clue, Sinister, AW, evil and baby evil,
Bang, Primus, Player, Steel Python, Slayer, DM, Recoil, LightBandit, SV, Army, Incursion, Llamo, CoDe, Juda,
X-Rated, Ruiner, Phaelinx, We$iDe, NyTeMaRe, Smasher, FRA, Thrik, Thunder, and everyone else i'm forgetting!

Contacts: My AIM name is the most consistant way to get in touch with me: "StarFoxMcCloud"