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File: Sandbowl v3
Author: Eradicatus Prometheus
Downloads: 1537
Description: Blue team must take their flag to Red team's Headquarters to win the game. There are two command points on the way which must be secured in order.
Size: 3.3MB
Date: 05/23/2003

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Additional Info:

30/04/2003 Made in Norway


This map designed for the Team Fortress Classic 1.5 Half-Life MOD
Where to put the files:




Map objectives

Blue team must take their flag to
Red team's Headquarters to win the game.
There are two command points on the way
which must be secured in order.

Scoring: Red team - 5 points per minute
Blue team - 30 points per capture
- 50 points for HQ
File Information

Title: SandBowl
BSP File: sandbowl.bsp
Author: Morten Andreas Myhren a.k.a. Eradicatus Prometheus
Email Address: [email protected]
Level Size: Big (Huge, Extreme :p )
Number of teams: 2

Recommended number of players: 12 - 32

Base: From scratch
Editor and programs Used: Valve Hammer Editor V 3.4
Zoner's Half-Life Tools V 2.5.3
Wally 1.55b
H-L Model Viewer 1.2.5
Ms paint
Adobe Photoshop 5.0
Machine Used: AMD XP 1700+ 768mb DDR Ram, Windows XP Pro
Build Time: AGES!! Can't remember when I started on it
Compile Time: 50 Min 18 Seconds
Known Bugs: There is some light and shadow issues
here and there
I don't know how to fix it

This map has been tested in Software, Direct 3D, and OpenGL.
And to be honest, with a Geforce card, Direct 3D SUCKS!
Software.. ehm, well.. you need a hell of a Cpu!
OpenGL is the way to go.. and that's for sure!

This is the Sandbowl Version 3

I made this update because I found too many faults
and bugs in sandbowl V1 and V2 and it drove
me crazy everytime I looked at it/experienced it,
other peoples comments on it, hehe etc...
Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused

(Maybe I should have started out with some betatesting,
but no one was interested.. what a shame)

The .bsp name is still the same so watch out
for servers running the old Sandbowl
(I don't know why they should though :) )
This is because not many peoples have had a
chance to download and play the original.

Updates from V2:

Peoples had problems with the models used in this map
so I deleted the epromod folder and put the models
in the half-life/tfc/models folder
(and it SHOULD work now!!!)
Did some sound tweaking
Did some bag tweaking
Did some signs tweaking
Moved the lights in bluespawn around
Moved the fence in area 2 a bit further back
Moved the Info_player_start entity a bit higher up
(to provide a nice view :) )
Fixed the Cap 1 sign at cap 2 (so now it shows Cap 2)
Fixed an oddity where a player could "walk in the mountains"
in area 2
Fixed red team signs at cap 2
Removed the water in area3 because
it had some bad effects.
Moved the Gate that opens area 3
so now it's in the middle of the pit.
(where the water was)
Moved the sign that pops up in the middle of the road
in area 1
Fixed wrong texture size at exit of house in area 1
Added beep_1.wav in "welcome to Sandbowl" message
Added two red team sign at cap 3
Added pickup_1.wav when taking the detpack in area3

Updates from V1:

Fixed mountains at cap1 (they looked weird some places)
Fixed the road that leads to the bridge at cap 3
it wasn't properly connected to the surrounding walls
Fixed the roof at one of the houses in area 3
it wasn't properly connected to the wall behind it
Fixed the signs on the towers at cap 2
Fixed strange texture behind the big building at cap 1
Fixed some texture placement at the buildings in area 2
Fixed wrong and weird texture size at the second gate
Fixed wrong texture size at the house with gate 2
Fixed wrong texture size inside extraroute 1
Fixed wrong texture size at the first house
Fixed wrong texture size inside one of the caves in area 1
Fixed wrong texture size at the mountain at extraroute 2
Fixed wrong texture size at the surroundings near cap 2
Fixed wrong texture size inside one of the caves in area 3
Fixed wrong texture size inside the first house in area 3
Fixed wrong and Weird texture in one of the houses at area 3
Fixed some badly placed textures
Fixed the caves in area 3
Fixed some texture sizes in an attempt to get better chop
size on light and texture lights (and it worked :O )
Fixed two signs that was hanging in thin air (droves me crazy :) )
Fixed places where peoples could get into that
I didnt want them to go into.
Fixed Lip on one of the gates (it didn't look good)
Added a backpack in one of those "backalleys" in area 3
Added "Welcome to Sandbowl" message

Seriously.. this was hard work.
I think I've spent 4 hours now
checking absolutely everything.

Too many texture fixes heh??
Well, I'm into perfection!
You would probably not have
noticed even half of these mistakes
if you have played the original Sandbowl.
But now I think it's 100% bugfree,
at least 99%.

Agh, I'm gonna kill that guy who invented Computer bugs!

The fence at the exit of the house where you climb
up from the underground (area 3) is detpackable
from one side only. It is possible to
jump over it with help from explosives
(rockets, grenades, concs, pipes etc.)

The Bags are originally from "The Temple of Maya" (Maya.bsp) map
and I just changed them a bit. I give all the credit to [WTF?]SnowDog
for the bags.

The pickup_1.wav is from the Half-life Mod Natural Selection

Thanks go out to:


The Valve team

Zoner for his Compile Tools
They did make my life easier :)

For making "The Temple Of Maya"
(and thus making the bags)

The .id guild for having servers with great
invade and defend custom maps
(and the first guild/clan to put the
original Sandbowl on their servers.... I think)
IRC: Gamesnet #invade-defend

Future Players (that is.. you i presume?)

If you play this map (and even enjoy it) I would certainly
appreciate an email. But that's not going to happen.. eh??

If you are an admin and adds this map to your server,
Please let me know so I can come and play this map on your server :)

If you want to talk to me about the map or other things, you will
likely find me playing at: TF 1.5 (english servers)
Demon UK TFC (english servers) TFC (german servers)
Peliportti TFC (finnish servers)
.id| (American servers)

Or, you can of course mail me.

Maya map and MANY other maps can be obtained at:


Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH
NO MODIFICATIONS!!!. If you don't co-operate, then DON'T DISTRIBUTE

This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in
any way without my permission.

Please do not decompile the map to make changes.. if you find faults\bugs
or anything else you want to have done otherwise,
please mail me and I will look into the matter!