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File: conc_strafe
Author: Koochy
Downloads: 772
Description: a map based around a theme of airstrafing/conc practicing
Size: 994KB
Date: 03/26/2003

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Additional Info:
conc_strafe v2.1
Conc_strafe is a map based around a
theme of airstrafing/conc praticing.

Progress through 14 jumps of ranged
difficulty as Medic, Scout or if you
feel up to it; Soldier.

When you collect a backpack on any
given jump, the jump number is
displayed and also the par. The par
is the recomended amount of conc's
required to complete the jump.
However, some jump's may have a par
of 3 and can be done in one. Also,
the par's are designed for conc's
not soldiers. You can decide the
scoring for that.

I recomend this map for intermediate
concer's difficulty wise, but anyone
can try. Pro's like .mL and -iG- will
probably find this map something fun
to play with. Newbs can always learn.

If you attempt soldier, choose from
Quad damage and/or Invincibility
behind you when you spawn, or for a
challenge, try neither :D?

Good luck :D!
Creator: Koochy
Email: [email protected]
IRC: #frequentflyers on Gamesnet (east)