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File: prolifique
Author: Defrag
Downloads: 1293
Description: Storm the enemy flag room and steal their flag, capture it inside the front door of your base. 10 points per capture, 10 personal frags per capture.
Size: 827KB
Date: 12/04/2002

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Additional Info:
[WTF?] Defrag [DW] |404| - prolifique.bsp

**** This map designed for the TeamFortress Classic Half-Life mod ****
Title : prolifique
Filename : prolifique.bsp
Author : Mark Simpson (Defrag)
Email Address : [email protected]
Description : TeamFortress Classic CTF map

Number of Teams : 2
Recommended # of Players: 16-18 (I'd say 9v9 would work best, not tested yet, though)

New Textures : yes, compiled into bsp.
New Sounds : none
New Sky : nope
Base : none
Editor used : Worldcraft 3.3 + teh_hammer 3.4
Build time : Probably about 2-3 days solid but spread out over several months as usual. Lazy boy ;/


Unzip the .bsp + .txt files to the sierra/half-life/tfc/maps directory


Storm the enemy flag room and steal their flag, capture it inside the front door of your base.
10 points per capture, 10 personal frags per capture.

Changes since last release:

Numerous small tweaks and changes.
Some texturing, some relating to scale.
Vertex error fixed (thanks to mulch for spotting this, thanks to wc for not being able to rotate complex brushes without mangling them ;/)
Changed bag area a bit. I still don't like the look of it but can't be bothered to redesign it.
Changed bag near fr to 30 secs + added 130 cells. Bags are team only now.
Boarded off one balcony ent to RR to make it a little easier to defend.
Lightened things up a bit in certain areas.
Changed upper passage so it's angled + shorter.
Added a little hill + rocks outside.



R_speeds fine, get a little high in places but I never noticed them going over 650 (and that's with fov 110)
Generally stay 400ish, 500+ in the main room in places.

There are no extra grens apart from a single gren @ the pack near the FR and the grens you spawn with :P

I'm not happy with the scale of the FR but can't be bothered to redesign it. When maps languish on your hard drive for the best part of a year it becomes increasingly tedious to return to them and do any major work.... in fact, it becomes tedious to go back to them for whatever reason, period. :P

Please send all comments to either [email protected] or post on the / forums :)



Gustavo for the texture wad (cheers!)
[WTF?] [DW] |404|

Other credits to:
All forum posters that willed me on :)

blah blah blah don't rip off this map.
If you want to put this on a CD coverdisk (like a bonus CD for a mag with extra maps) please don't as it's not a finished product yet. :).
You may not distribute this zip unless the contents are exactly as you found them.
You may not include this map for distrubution if the scheme is for financial gain. If I find this map on a "map CD" like some german company are doing atm (selling a CD of maps for £10 or so and making a profit where it's not theirs to sell) then you will be hearing from me.