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File: Well Now
Author: Defrag
Downloads: 1185
Description: This is a remake of the original well map for 8v8 TFC.
Size: 1.2MB
Date: 11/29/2002

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Additional Info:
[WTF?] Defrag [DW] |404| - well_now.bsp

**** This map is designed for the TeamFortress Classic Half-Life mod ****
Title : Well Now
Filename : well_now.bsp
Author : Mark Simpson (Defrag) - An update to TFC's classic map, "Well"
Email Address : [email protected]
Description : TeamFortress Classic CTF map

Number of Teams : 2
Recommended # of Players: 14-18 (16 is ideal)

New Textures : yes - bigger valve textures to reduce r_speeds, compiled into bsp.
New Sounds : none
New Sky : yes
Base : none
Editor used : Worldcraft 3.3 + teh_Hammer 3.4
Build time : 3-4 days over 3-4 years :P


Ensure that "use folder paths" is checked (or equivalent in your Zip application) then extract the files to your /sierra/half-life/ directory

Manual installation instructions:

Unzip the .bsp file to the sierra/half-life/tfc/maps directory
Unzip the .tga files to your sieraa/half-life/tfc/gfx/env/ directory

If you have Oppose2k1/Bases2k1 then you already have the sky installed and don't need to install it again.


Get the flag, cap it in the tower below your flag room.
Flags may be thrown from the balcony window, but no one can enter/exit via balcony window.

This is a remake of the original well map for 8v8 TFC.

Changes since last release:

Lift lighting bug fixed - thanks to eat and kerm.
Some minor retexturing and bug fixing
Respawn miniturrets were poking through the ceiling in two places, fixed.
Software crash bug fffffffiiiiiiiiixeddddddddd.

Beta 4 changes:

Fixed software crash bug (thanks to genghis for spurring me on, then job for telling me what I already knew by then :PP)
Put cells level in attic back to original's levels (30 per bag)
A few general tweaks, nothing major.

Beta 3 changes:

Nothing much... this was just a non-public beta I gave out to a few people

Beta 2 changes

Numerous small changes, mostly relating to texture allignment to get better r_speeds. I've painstakingly re-alligned many textures so that the textures start along the brush edges wherever possible..... this has stopped csg/bsp splitting many brushes and reduced r_speeds. Tedious work, just for you :P.

Lighting brightened up a little.
Some brushwork changed to reduce r_speeds, mainly outside.
Pipe changed, no air pocket in main pipe now.
Main pipe lowered a little.
Attic lift sounds changed.
Attic lift entrance/exits changed to give a little more space.
Bags changed to give 100/200.
Mini turrets added.
Water light emission added (looks luverly imo xd)
FD lights changed a little, inside lights removed, coloured lighting altered.
Water trim texture changed.
Nobuild entities added to respawns + rr up ramps.
Floor texture changed in the attic + rr to balc floor texture.
Lighting added to FR + Water in certain areas.

The map is nearly a year old because I'm a lazy git... I've been cut off the 'net for nearly a month now (cold turkey, joy. Thanks to BT/Nildram for messing me around...) and decided to finish a few of the maps languishing on my hard drive.... so here we go.


R_speeds fine apart from outside where they creep up if you stand in the corner looking across to the opposite corner (peak at 800 in a couple of spots if you _really_ try. The majority of the speeds are fine, the bad r_speed spots are not in particularly terrible places, though.

(Following blurb is from previous beta)

This map is being made for 1 reason and 1 reason only, well doesn't play very nicely anymore 8v8 because it's too open to defend with 4D, and too defensive when played with 5D..... meaning caps are pretty hard to come by against good defences because the front line D cleans up easily. It's time to bring back well as an exciting map. Unfortunately valve has more important things to worry about so they're never gonna do it, so .............. here we go.

This map will probably be slightly too open for 9v9 leagueplay, but you can always give it a try.

The outside / FD / RR / Attic are all completely new, the FR is basically the same design because I didn't want to screw with perfection in that area. I did consult the original to get the scale right (stuff like the attic height and FR scale) but did not rip any of it copy and paste style. If I mess with it too much it's obviously not an improvement.

The changes I made were:

Wider FD, no actual Door. Respawn bags can be used by both teams (so you can now grab a pack from the water resup and head to the enemy fr water on full health again) wider water pipe with an airhole at the top that lets you throw grens at the HW (and similarly) lets the HW throw grens back at you. Should make playing HW a lot more interesting on well instead of racking up 60 frags while having a cup of tea. Everything bar the FR is slightly scaled up (including the RR T passage to fr) so it should make attacking a little more productive without messing the defence up beyond repair.

Please send all comments to either [email protected] or post on the / forums :)



The authors of the map:
Well...... I'm not exactly sure who I was supposed to contact to get permission from, needless to say if this remake offends the original author / valve I will not release it! (even though this is something that needs done imo, the game has changed and the map is still 3 years behind!)

Zoner - excellent compile tools, without which we would be severely limited.
Jobabob for pointing me towards an altered set of zoner's tools.
Whoever made the custom Zoner tools with the NULL texture :)
[WTF?]MoOg for the sky
DD (Dangerous Dave) and Skins for hosting the beta downloads, probably some more folk I've forgotten to credit, thanks!

Everyone on the forums for feedback.
This map is for the community, I felt it was a project worth undertaking and I'm sorry it took so long to finish!

blah blah blah don't put this map on a CD for your personal financial gain, don't host it UNLESS the zip remains exactly as it was when I first posted it with the readme's inside. If you wish to include this map on a CD / Games mag CD etc, please contact me at [email protected] and get my permission, thanks.
If anyone would like to see the .rmf file, I will send if you ask me. Cheers.