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File: Defrag's Modified Xhairs: v1b
Author: Defrag
Downloads: 3856
Description: version 1b including the new transparent xhairs for shotty and ac
Size: 16KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:

Defrag's Modified Xhairs: v1b - 24/07/2002

V1b CHANGES: Added transparent Shotty + AC xhair!

First of all: the RPG sprite is taken from LordDW's excellent crosshair pack, full credit to him for that.
The sniper rifle sprite (not Autorifle, just sniper rifle) is by Danger and his fullxhair pack is also available.
The melee (crowbar, medikit, spanner and knife) xhair is also by Danger.

The Demoman GL/PL sprites are both modified from LordDW's RPG xhair.
Many of the other xhairs are taken from half-life/valve/pak0.pak/sprites and recoloured / modified in some way.
The majority of these are modified / recoloured / not original and can be found in the pak.

The Shotty/AC xhairs (new for version 1b) are based on an xhair I saw that necro posted but it was lost when the cats forum was cleaned up... I didn't know where to get it so I made my own. It probably looks very similar to his, credit to Necro for the design.

The Shotty Xhair has a precise centre BUT it also has a smallish dull circle surrounding it, if your target is within this circle it'll still cause damage. This works very well for all ranges, my accuracy jumped up quite a bit when I switched to this xhair - probably more of a mental thing than anything else, maybe it could help other people too? :)

The text files are all from LordDW/Danger's xhair packs.

To install:
First: if you're using custom xhairs, go to tfc/sprites and BACKUP ALL OF YOUR FILES. If your custom xhairs are either in a file called crosshairs.spr OR contained in a pak file, you don't need to back the files up. Individual sprite files just override the rest without causing them to be deleted / overwritten.

Extract the contents of this .zip file to "half-life/tfc/sprites"
If you don't like a specific xhair (say you didn't like the AC xhair but wanted to keep the rest) to go back to the one you were using (assuming it's default or contained in a file called crosshairs.spr or contained in a pak file) just delete/move the txt file associated with the xhair (in this case "tfc_weapon_ac.txt")and it'll go back to the one you were using.

I've also included the old shotty and AC xhairs in an extra zip, so if you prefer the older versions you can always re-install them.

Thanks to FivePea for getting hold of necro and asking him how to make them for me :)
Thanks to Lordy, Danger, Necro, and valve.
Thanks also to the blokes that made the sprite proggies :)