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File: Valve Hammer Editor 3.4
Filename: hammer_v34.exe
Author: Valve Software
Downloads: 2000
Description: This is the latest non-beta version of the popular level editor from Valve Software (formerly known as Worldcraft). Includes bug fixes and some minor additions. Please note: the most recent version is now available via Steam for Half-Life 2 owners via the Source SDK. This file should only be used if you do not own Half-Life 2.
Size: 2MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
The Valve Hammer Editor Readme.txt March 31st, 2002

The Valve Hammer Editor is a trademark of Valve, LLC. Copyright 2002. All rights reserved.

Hammer is a graphical level editor you can use to make your own maps for
Valve Software's Half-Life.


1) Installing Hammer 3.4

Run the setup program (hammer_v34.exe) and follow the on-screen instructions.

2) Launching Hammer

Hammer can be started by clicking the Hammer icon in the
programs menu, or from the desktop.

3) Configuring Hammer

When running Hammer for the first time you will be prompted to configure the Hammer options.
Use the help menu for information on configuration and use. Information on setup
and configuration can be found in the Setup Guide portion of the Reference section.


Legal notices
The Valve Hammer Editor is a trademark of Valve L.L.C., copyright 2002, all rights reserved.

Under no circumstances will Valve Software be liable for any damages
or losses arising from the use or misuse of this software. If you use
this software, you agree to these terms.