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File: Trenches
Author: S-Sniper
Downloads: 565
Description: Trenches
Size: 411KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
17th December 1996

Title : Trenches
Filename : trench6.bsp
Author : Original: Richard Aynsley
Re-Make: S-Sniper
Email Address : [email protected]
[email protected]
Description : Team Fortress Classic level with 8 starts per team

Thanks : TeamFortress Softare and Valve!


* Play Information *

Single Player : To have a look around I guess
Co-operative : To look around with company
Deathmatch : Only if you are truely bored :)
TeamFortress : BINGO! I think it was made for thi!

* Construction *

Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : 100% Worldcraft 2
Known Bugs : It has a VIS problem. Seems to think that even though brushes aren't
capable of being remotely seen, they are anyway. I think it's due to
the openess of the map. You should only notice it in one particular
spot in each base.
Build Time : Around 10 hours (Would of been quicker without the GF naggin :)

Compile machine : P2-300


* The Aim *

Very, very simple. Get the flag ! Return it to your bunker.

There is a resupply pack in each central fort and near the capture point.
(Small building behind the respawns)

There are 2 ways into the other teams underground bunker and only one exit.

1. Through the bunker entrance - also the way out.
2. Quick teleport entry - two of them

Nothing else complicated in this level. Should be plenty of scope for lucky
long range shots though.

* Notes *

The original author was Richard Aynsley and I thought his map was an excellent test case
for me to fiddle around with the TFC entities as it is a pretty simple map. It helped me
discover a quirk about VIS.EXE too (dammit).

The credit for this map belongs to Richard. The only credit I can take is for rebuilding
it for the Half-Life engine (for TFC). To Richard, I love this map. I've had so much fun
on this map when playing on LAN! :)

On a playing note. I'd recommend this map for LAN play only as it's not very well designed
for net play. Also the fact there are 'grey-outs' makes it more suitable for LANs.


* Other Info *

All comments/criticisms gratefully received. Otherwise no-one ever
speaks to me !!

* Copyright / Permissions *

You may distribute this level where you like, but if you do please
drop me a line to let me know.