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File: Screek2
Author: monibuvy
Downloads: 548
Description: Screek2
Size: 759KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Screek2 CTF map

Gateway 2000 / PII300 / 128meg ram
Compile time=4min30sec
Time to build:2days +2more
if (YourTeamCTF)
{apply 30second quad damage to AP;
Make Full all items to team;
Add frags=10 to AP(active player);
Flag returns after only 15 seconds if dropped.
Dangers exist around Capture Points.

[email protected]
Report any bugs to e-mail above.

Unzip and screek2.txt files into your TFC\maps folder. The text file displays the map description at the beginning of game.

Game details:
Make your way into the enemy base where there flag sits. Bring flag back to your capture point at the top of the cliff in the middle of map scoring 10 points per capture. Dangers do exist. The person making the capture will receive a 30 second quad damage after capture. All teamates will have all items refilled.

e-mail me with any bugs you find.

(c)Tom Voetberg - Redistribution of this can be made only with all included files. Be sure to check out for help with Worldcraft. I will be creating a map which will include all entities for a ctf map so you can have it sitting in the free space and when your ready for them you can drag the entities to the places you want them. Unless you like entering all the Class info. Unfortunantly Worldcraft doesn't support cut and paste meathods beyond it's own running instance. So use this as a so called "New" map with it just pushed aside until your ready for the goods. I will hopefully get the website above to post this map in there CTF area to replace the one they now have which doesn't include all entities.