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File: Rooks
Author: AlbinoBob
Downloads: 594
Description: Rooks
Size: 343KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Information

--- DEMO, MAP, or MODEL General Information ------
Date :4-14-2000
Author :[GRBL]AlbinoBob "Bob Sprague"
Title :Rooks
Zip Filename
BSP/DEM/MDL Filename :rooks5.bsp
Other works by author :
Email address :[email protected]
Home page / Website :
Additional Credits to :All my fellow clan GRBL members who beta tested this map to make it cool and fun to play

--- MAP Play Information ------------------
Map Description :2 castles, flags and cap points on top of each, 10 team points per capture, flags return immediately if carrier dies
Map Game Type : ctf, push, hunted, capture the areas, etc.)
Map Objective :flag
Scoring Information :10 points per cap for your team
Number of Teams :2
Recommended # of Players :8 - 24

--- MAP File Information ------------------
New Textures :no
New Sounds :no

--- MAP Construction Information ----------
Base :from scratch
Editor(s) used :worldcraft .1
Compile Machine :P II 333, 128 Meg Ram
Compile time :4 minutes

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any way without my permission.