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File: RAH 2 fort variant - Beta 1
Author: Defrag
Downloads: 1027
Description: RAH 2 fort variant - Beta 1
Size: 1.6MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
RAH 2 fort variant - Beta 1 - 06 | 04 | 2000
by Mark Simpson - aka [WTF?]Defragmentor-TPF also in [AGL]

This is a LARGE tfc map for 14-32 players

Instal info:

put the .bsp and .txt file in your halflife/tfc/maps

This is the concept:

Grab the enemy key from their ground floor key room, then take it to the lift room on level 2. There is a cap point there.
Cap the keycard on the raised platform under the sign "generator control" to take down the enemy teams security. Then, take their flag from the flag room and capture it on the cap point on the TOP of your teams base.

Security is de-activated for 60 seconds after a keycard cap.
After the key is capped, it cannot be picked up for 60 seconds.


2 points for key capture
10 points for flag capture

Base used: none
new textures: yes - included in wad
new sky: no
new pants: no
rah: yes
Editor: Worldcraft 2.1
Compile: normal rad and all the usual
Time taken to compile: dunno
Machine: dunno

([WTF?]Pysa compiled the map for me - cheers m8)

-=====OTHER INFO==============-
The map runs fine for me, r_speeds never go higher than 500 in the base. The only problem spot is the outside.
If you stand on the very TOP of the battlements, r_speeds can go higher than 700. From anywhere else though, r_speeds are fine.

This map should rate well with conc jumpers and snipers.

When taking the keycard, you have a number of routes.
NEVER go the long way round if you are not a scout as it takes too long.

The fox sounds hyper when it says "on" - you'll see what i mean

There are NO mini-turrets in respawn rooms. mini-turrets can be stopped from working by a certian process, so i used trigger hurts loaded with 5000 damage in the respawn. So dont even try it :)


I have to add ambience generics to get some sound going, and maybe add some more vox.

Also, I need rad run b4 vis - this brings stronger contrasts and better lighting.

**PROBLEM** - when the messages appear on the screen telling how long left before security is re-activated, half the time the messages appear,
you LOSE any grenades you have primed. This is an annoying bitch of a problem. Anyone got any ideas?

All comments accepted!