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File: Mr Flibble's Bases
Author: Mr Flibble
Downloads: 594
Description: Mr Flibble's Bases
Size: 553KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
**** This map designed for the TeamFortress Classic Half-Life mod ****
March/April 1999
Title : Mr Flibble's Bases
Filename :
Author : Mark Rosten (Mr Flibble)
Email Address : [email protected]
Description : TeamFortress Classic Half-Life Map
: 2 Teams, standard CTF rules.

Check out the TeamFortress Classic homepage at:
* Play Information *

This map does not work properly without the TeamFortress Classic Half-Life
patch, which can be downloaded from
or from any good Half-life site.

Single Player : No
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : No
TeamFortress Classic : Yes, Supports up to 32 players but is better with smaller teams
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None

* Construction *

Editor(s) used : Worldcraft 2.0 (converted from Worldcraft 1.6a version)
Known Bugs : none
Base : Converted from FLIB10B - The original map for Team Fortress
: (the original mod for Quake)
Construction Time : Two days, Another half-day for conversion
Build Computer : P2 400mhz, 128mb ram, 17gig HD, 2xVoodoo2
QCSG : 19 Seconds
QBSP2 : 21 Seconds
VIS : 169 Seconds
QRAD : 604 Seconds

Original Inspiration
for level : erm, not sure really. probably 2fort5 and 2tech4 (awesome maps)

Thanks to : ID, The guys at TeamFortress for their STILL exellent Quake mod.
: Valve software for releasing Team Fortress Classic for free!
: My brother Neil (Lucifer), Cousin Chris, the rest of the TF community :)

* Files included in this archive *
flib10hl.bsp : Map file. (see below for instructions)
flib10hl.txt : On screen map instructions (shown on entering level by default in HL TFC)
flib10hl.txt (in root) : The text file you are reading now :)

* Game play *
This is a standard 2 team, 2 flag TeamFortress Classic CTF level.
Each team must defend their flag and attack the enemy team and steal their flag.
Once the enemy's flag is placed on the flag drop square (it is labled, you can't
miss it!) then the capturing team gets 10 points and all team members get 10 frags.

* Things you need to know about this map *
Nothing much really. I have put a couple of signs in the level to show the flag drop off
point and a direction to take from the spawn room. There is a waterway connecting tunnel
that links the outside area with the main ramp room in each base.

* Map History (for original FLIB10B) *
I thought that before I designed a map for Quake2 using the new Worldcraft 1.6 that I
would design a quick map for normal Quake Team Fortress. I tried to get down on paper
some ideas, but drawing in 3d is a real pain sometimes to I just played with Worldcraft
for a while. The map probably took about 10 hours total on and off. I added a few little
touches each time I thought that it was finished. I was going to limit the class selection
on this map, but thought that might piss too many people off so I left it as standard.
The main idea for this map was to keep it ALOT smaller than my other maps. Hopefully this
one might get played on the odd server out there! (yeah, right, 10th time lucky perhaps?)

The map was converted from the Team Fortress version for Quake to Half-life for Team Fortress
Classic. I took the opportunity to add some small refinements as well as 'nick' the cool voice
effects from 2fort.

* Next map *
I am in the process of converting my Team Fortress map 2EVIL2F to Half-life TFC. Expect that soon.
+More maps for Team Fortress Classic (hopefully)

* My Other Maps (all are for Team Fortress for Quake) *
flib10b : Original version of this map for Team Fortress for Quake
flibtech : 2 Teams, 2 flag, standard CTF level. Pretty large (most of my maps tend to
: get that way, I get carried away ;)
flibcas2 : Fixed version of flibcast with quite a few extra changes and redesign
of the rooms adjoining the flag room. (Chris ya git!)
flibcast : Original v1.0 flibcast map
2evil1f : 2 Teams, 1 flag
The single flag starts mid-way between both bases and each team
must get the flag into their own flag room and defend it. The
longer it is in their flag room, the more points and frags their
team gets. The other team must capture this flag and place it in
their flag room.
2evil2f : Standard 2 Team, 2 flag CTF map.
same layout as 2evil1f (see above) but for normal CTF rules.
hexTF : 2 Team, 1 flag idea. Get the flag from the middle into the ENEMYs
base to get the points. I personally don't like this idea now,
but let me know if you do :)
massivTF : My third map and first (released anyway) using the way-cool
editor Worldcraft. This map is huge, I encountered the Quake map
limits whilst designing this map. 2 large bases seperated by an
outside area with extensive waterways going into each base.
mbase_tf : A 2 team TF map with 2 identical bases seperated by a large body
of water. One of the first TF maps to use coloured textures to
identfy the base that you are in.
tf_attdef : My first map ever! (and it shows :)
A TF map designed for attack and defend with 2 teams

* Other Info *
If you like this level mail the server operators and let them know.

Any comments/suggestions/ideas welcome.
(there is someone reading this and looking at this level, isn't there??)

* A plea to server operators *
If you use this map on your server, please, please, please email me as I'd like to play
my maps in the Internet with loadsa players. Thanks.
If you have problems running this map (it crashes, etc) PLEASE let me know!

* Installation of this map *
Copy the flib10hl.bsp file into your halflife\TFC\maps directory (create if needed).
Copy the flib10hl.txt file (not this one) into your halflife\TFC\maps directory.

* How to play this map *
Either join a server that is running this map, or in Half-life (using Team Fortress Classic)
go to the console and type 'MAP FLIB10HL' (no quotes) or select the map when starting your own
server. (to get the console in HL start with -console at the command line, eg: 'HL.EXE -CONSOLE')

* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors MAY / MAY NOT use this level as a base to
build additional levels.This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet
and/or BBS systems.

You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in
any way without my permission.