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File: Extraction
Author: Huenberry
Downloads: 702
Description: Extraction
Size: 1.4MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Title Extraction

Filename Extraction.bsp

Author Huenberry
Email address [email protected]

Description Hunted Style Map
Up to 32 players

Type TFC
(DM, SP, TFC, TF2)

Status Final!
(beta, revised, final)

Built with WC from scratch. Since April 99 finished October 26,1999
Compile time and tools: Appro. 20+ hrs for Final Compile useing Q2Beaver
Machine: AMD K6 2/333 with 128 megs RAM, 8.4 gig HD, 16meg Banshee Video Card.

****Place the model in your Sierra/HL/valve/models directory.****

Thanks to: Valve, Worldcraft support for taking time out in trying to help me with problems.
Evilchild for starting the DoE!!
The Enitity Master, MoOg, for helping me with the timer.
Richelieu for making a killer backpack model.
Evile Dick aka The Wadfather for the fountain textures.
Un_Ethical for the fountains, sweet, sweet water.
9InNails and Alnya for creating textures, that I unfortunatly didn't use.
DOE for having a place we can ask/answer questions
The WTFers who playtest this dam thing!
And everyone that made comments and suggestions! Also, cheers to MoOg for
allowing everyone at the DOE for use of his server for play testing!
And all other map makers that I want to be better than! To keep me going
and wanting to make a better map!