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File: de_dust
Author: [Ass]Baka
Downloads: 829
Description: de_dust
Size: 2.2MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Map Spec Sheet
---------- General Information -------------------------------------

Title : de_dust
File Name : de_dust.bsp
Author : modified by [Ass]Baka
Author Email : [email protected]
HomePage :
Description : Friens of mine were talking and thought this would be
a great idea, so they made me do it! really! They
threttened me with spoons!

---------- Credit and Thanks ---------------------------------------

Credits: None

Thanks: All of those who tested the map to make sure I got the entities
right. ^_^
Specific People:

---------- Play Information ----------------------------------------

Death Match: Yes
Single Player: No
Co-Op : no
Map Description: go kill eachother. there is no point to a deathmatch map.
How many Players: as many as the server will hold.

---------- Map Information -----------------------------------------

New Textures: Yes you need the gfx/env/*.tga files
Wads Used: Embeded -> halflife.wad, cs_dust.wad
New Sounds: No

---------- Construction --------------------------------------------

Editor(s): Worldcraft 3.3
Tools: Winbsp v1.2
Entity Editor v2.0
Zoner's HL Tools 2.5.3
Playtest time: a couple of days to get the entities all worked out and all
the files that were needed actually packaged with the bsp.
Time to Create: about an hour to work out the bugs with the entity replacement.
Known Bugs: none that I know of....

---------- Feedback -------------------------------------------------

If you like the map, have problems with the map, or are too confused playing
a cs map with lil tfc guys, e-mail me at [email protected]

---------- Map Instructions -----------------------------------------

Unzip the map into your halflife folder (\sierra\halflife) it should do the rest form there.
if you choose to do it the hard way...

---------- Disclaimer -----------------------------------------------

This map is a modification of a copyrited counter strike map that comes
free with the game. The previous copyright still applies. So please do not
attempt to distribute and/or use this map for any kind of profit.

The origional de_dust map was not changed in any way, only the entities were
modified to make it playable in the Half-life mod Team Fortress Clasic.

---------- Map History -----------------------------------------------

I have no idea what the history of this map is. :\