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File: Cults
Author: Mirar
Downloads: 599
Description: Cults
Size: 884KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
* Play Information *
Title : Cults
Filename : cults.bsp
Author : Mirar
Email address : [email protected]
Home page :
Type : HL TFC 12-32 players, ie 6vs6 to 16vs16
Installation :

Place cults.bsp and cults.txt in your
half-life/tfc/maps directory.

IMPORTANT: Turn off tfc_autoteam for this map.

Description :

It's a larger TFC map, inspired by 2fort and well. There is
battlements and an outdoor area, just as usual. I think the
tactics should be rather similar to well.

I did this map because most of the custom TFC maps I've seen
doesn't work or just is too ugly. It seems many people can't
get the lightning right and prefer long corridors. *sigh*

The maybe-not-so-good thing about this map is that I wanted
the teams to be yellow and red. This can't be done in TFC
- which sucks - because you have to have all the teams ranging
from 0, blue, to the last team.

This means that you have to have the blue team, too. I made
a blue team which consists of one civilian. And a lot of text
saying you should avoid being blue.

The map seems to work, anyway, at least when autoteam is turned

* Construction *
Base : no
Tool(s) used : Worldcraft 2.1
Build time : about 1 week
Compile Machine : PII 266 w/ 128Mb RAM
Compile time : about an hour


* Copyright / Permissions *
o Authors may use this level as a base to build additional levels.

o You may distribute this level without this file. (Why?) But I would
prefer if it's sent with this file.

o This BSP may be distributed in any way.

o You can have the .RMF file if you want to check it out, just mail me.

o If you have any regular mapping questions, state them at Department
of Engineering,

o If you're making a map, test it at DoE (see directly above).
This will save Radium from going insane from too many too bad maps.
(If it isn't too late already.)