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File: concmap_csi
Author: [CSI]Union
Downloads: 628
Description: concmap_csi
Size: 654KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
concmap_csi by [CSI]Union
email: [email protected]


This map dedicated to my brothers at CSI. Love you all!

Special thanks goes out to Mulchman for compiling this map over, and over again :) Without you this map would never be finished.

Also thanks to any beta testers who tried the map. I still remember KidDeath breezing through the first few jumps like they were nothing :P Also was fun to watch Defrag own 3 with a big sweeping HH conc.


This is my 2nd map, the first being the original concmap. This map is designed for the new concs, whereas the old map was made before TF1.5. The jumps here take full advantage of the new concs. There's some very hard jumps here. I don't think anyone will complain that it is too easy :) Be creative and try different stuff.


Texture error at 1
Lighting messed up at 6 and 7 (it looks ugly, don't know what's wrong)


Please distribute this zip file intact with all 3 files. Also, don't decompile this map then recompile it and slap an _r at the end :P In other words, please don't fuck with it.

-=Jump Info=-

Jump 1:
Pretty easy single conc. Can sometimes be annoying.

Jump 2:
You can either double or single conc this one.

Jump 3:
The intention of this jump is to jump over the little hill, and skip across the two narrow platforms. Most people just conc from platform to platform though :(

Jump 4:
Can be very hard at first, but once you get the hang of it it's not very hard.

Jump 5:
This one can be very frustrating! I don't really like this jump hehe. Can be double or tripled.

Jump 6:
Might be the hardest jump on the map. Requires lots of trial and error and some luck :)

Jump 7:
Probly my favourite jump on the map.

Jump 8:
Not the hardest jump of the map, pretty cool though

Good luck! Hope you have fun!