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File: multi-level zoom
Downloads: 1102
Description: This alias allows multiple zoom levels. It works for all of the classes. It has multiple levels of zoom, it adjusts the sensitivity of your mouse as it goes. You may need to adjust the sensitivity on each level to your liking. You'll also need a mouse wheel or change the keys for this alias. Right now "[" zooms out a little bit, "]" zooms in all the way, and the wheel keeps going in a little bit.
Size: 630B
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
// Variable Zoom

alias inmore zoom45
alias outmore bf
alias zoom90 "alias inmore zoom45;alias inall in45 ;alias outmore bf ;alias outall bf
;fov 90.00;sensitivity 3.00"
alias zoom45 "alias inmore zoom30;alias inall in30 ;alias outmore zoom90;alias outall zoom90
;fov 45.00;sensitivity 2.50"
alias zoom30 "alias inmore zoom22;alias inall in22 ;alias outmore zoom45;alias outall out45
;fov 30.00;sensitivity 1.67"
alias zoom22 "alias inmore zoom18;alias inall in18 ;alias outmore zoom30;alias outall out30
;fov 22.50;sensitivity 1.25"
alias zoom18 "alias inmore zoom15;alias inall in15 ;alias outmore zoom22;alias outall out22
;fov 18.00;sensitivity 1.00"
alias zoom15 "alias inmore zoom12;alias inall in12 ;alias outmore zoom18;alias outall out18
;fov 15.00;sensitivity 0.83"
alias zoom12 "alias inmore zoom11;alias inall in11 ;alias outmore zoom15;alias outall out15
;fov 12.86;sensitivity 0.71"
alias zoom11 "alias inmore zoom10;alias inall zoom10;alias outmore zoom12;alias outall out12
;fov 11.25;sensitivity 0.63"
alias zoom10 "alias inmore bf ;alias inall bf ;alias outmore zoom11;alias outall out11
;fov 10.00;sensitivity 0.56"

bind MWHEELUP outmore

bind [ outmore

bind MWHEELDOWN inmore

alias inall in45
alias in45 "fov 45.00;sensitivity 2.50;wait;in30"
alias in30 "fov 30.00;sensitivity 1.67;wait;in22"
alias in22 "fov 22.50;sensitivity 1.25;wait;in18"
alias in18 "fov 18.00;sensitivity 1.00;wait;in15"
alias in15 "fov 15.00;sensitivity 0.83;wait;in12"
alias in12 "fov 12.86;sensitivity 0.71;wait;in11"
alias in11 "fov 11.25;sensitivity 0.63;wait;zoom10"

alias outall out11
alias out45 "fov 45.00;sensitivity 2.50;wait;zoom90"
alias out30 "fov 30.00;sensitivity 1.67;wait;out45"
alias out22 "fov 22.50;sensitivity 1.25;wait;out30"
alias out18 "fov 18.00;sensitivity 1.00;wait;out22"
alias out15 "fov 15.00;sensitivity 0.83;wait;out18"
alias out12 "fov 12.86;sensitivity 0.71;wait;out15"
alias out11 "fov 11.25;sensitivity 0.63;wait;out12"

bind ] inall
bind mouse3 outall

alias +snipe " zoom90 ; wait ; zoom45 ; wait ; zoom30; wait ; zoom 18 ; wait ; zoom15 ; wait
; zoom12 ; wait ; zoom 10;
alias -snipe " zoom90"