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About this section:
Aliases perform a series of commands at the press of one button. Capabilities of aliases include rocket jumps, zoom scripts, and many others.
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File  AuthorDownloadsDateFile Size [more info] - easy grenades with timer   1403 10/04/2002 162KB
This alias if useful in two ways. When you press "q" or "w" it primes the grenade, you don't have to hold it down, then press "q" or "w" again to throw it. The nice part about this is that you don't have to bind another key to throw the grenade. It also has a timer; on the forth click the grenade blows up. You'll need the grenade wav; included in the zip. You must put the wav in your sound/items/ directory. [more info] - multi-level zoom   1138 10/04/2002 630B
This alias allows multiple zoom levels. It works for all of the classes. It has multiple levels of zoom, it adjusts the sensitivity of your mouse as it goes. You may need to adjust the sensitivity on each level to your liking. You'll also need a mouse wheel or change the keys for this alias. Right now "[" zooms out a little bit, "]" zooms in all the way, and the wheel keeps going in a little bit.