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File: TFiguration v2.1 (patch for version 1.4)
Author: Ryan Haney
Downloads: 1655
Description: This is the patch for TFiguration v1.4. Just unzip into your existing folder for this program. You need v1.4 for this upgrade.
Size: 63KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Title: TFiguration v2.1
Author: Ryan Haney
Quake Name: [KoQ] Snare
E-mail: [email protected]
Clan Homepage:
Program Type: Freeware - do whatever you want with this


I am sure alot of you have had a little trouble setting up
all your Team Foretress binding commands, so I decided to
make a little program to make it a bit easier. Once you have
installed the program, just run it and click on load. Then load
in your normal quake .cfg file and you will see it appear in the
little text box on the bottom of the program. You can then
select all the commands and keys to bind to them in all the
little pull-down boxes (NOTE: you can pick the key you want to
use from the drop-down, or just type it in manually).

Helpful Hint - hold the mouse over the combo box of a command
you are unfamilar with, and it will display
a brief desctiption of the command.

You will notice that the commands are broken down into commands common
to all classes, and then commands specific to each class. Once
you have selected all the keys you want for certain commands,
then click the MAKE button and your .cfg file will be updated
in the text window.

Also, there are now 4 advanced command windows that allow many new options:

1.) The Advanced commands are aliases and bindings that i have found useful.
Some of them can be configured to your desires just by changing th values
in the text boxes.

2.) The status bar allows you so set up the TF status bar quickly.
(NOTE: if you use the normal quake option, the cfg must
be run from the console after TF has been started)

3.) The TF/Quake options are simple options that u may like while playing
such as the crosshair, or now damage jerking.

4.) The Team chat Macros allow you to assign keys to common sayings you
need to say to your team like "I have the flag". You can pick fom list
of predfined sayings, or type in your own.

On all of the new windows you MUST click the ADD button to add them to
the .cfg file in the text winodw.

After you have setup all your keys and advanced keys, the .cfg can now
be saved to the file (NOTE: any command without a key selected will not be
added to the .cfg file). At anytime, you can also edit your .cfg
file manually in the text box. Well thats about all there is to it.
I suggest making back up copies of your .cfg file just in case.

Misc Info:

Now that I have learned VB farily well, this program is becmoing
much more useful, even for veterans of the TF world. It still
doesn't contain anything that hard to program, but it sure is
alot of fun to make.


This program was inspired directly from the program QFig (the
best .cfg program out there) but since it doesnt have TF
support yet, i made one just for TF. I give all credit for the
idea to QFig and its author.


1.0 initaial release
1.1 fixed capitialization bugs and some QW problems
1.2 added save as command, deleting of old data, and it
no parses the file for previous TGiguration inserts
and updates the comboboxes to the values.
1.3 Added new commands for TF 2.6 final beta, start up screen,
new FAQ in readme, new graphic
1.4 Removed commands taken out in TF 2.6 final, fixed start
up screen.
2.0 Added advanced commnads, status bar, TF/Quake options,
and Chat macros. Now checks to make sure the file was saved,
and if not, it asks the user if he would like to. Added
onMouseOver text tips.
2.1 Minor changes. Added mwheelup and mwheeldown for mouse wheel
users. Fixed/added various other bindable keys. Increased
bind fields for better viewing. Added better zoom script.
Fixed about box.


"What is a .cfg file?"

These are the files run by quake to setup all your keys and settings. Everytime
quake is run, it runs your autoexec.cfg and config.cfg files to setup up your
initial settings.

"How do I use my newly made .cfg?"

You have two very simple options. First, you can just type in "exec myconfig.cfg" in
the quake console where myconfig.cfg is the name of your .cfg file. Second, in your
command line parameters to run quake, add "+exec myconfig.cfg" where mycongif.cfg
is the name of your .cfg file. In either case, any settings in your .cfg file will
overwrite the settings setup up by the autoexec.cfg and config.cfg

"Why aren't my choices being saved to my file?"

Make sure you have pressed either the MAKE button for the main commands,
or the ADD button for any advanced commands. These buttons are what
actually geneate the config file. After that, make sure the save the

"Why isn't my mouse wheel working in Quake, i am using mwheelup and mwheeldown?"

Chances are you need to get a program called FreeWheel that adds new and better
drivers for your mouse wheel. It is free program and can be found many places
on the net, one place is
Just install it and make sure it is in your win95/NT startup directory and then
mwheelup and mwheeldown will work fine in quake.

"What does the xxxxxx command do?"

Hold the mouse pointer over a the combo box of the command and it will give
you a brief description of the command. If that is stil not enough, check the
TF readme file or look bellow for a description of my own commands i have added.
Most of them are self-explanetory

"What is noaim?"

This command has to do with how much quake helps you in aiming. With noaim set to 1,
quake does not help you at all. With noaim set to 0, quake will do the horizontal
aiming for you, all you have to do is have your site above or bellow the target,
and quake will make sure your shot goes directly towards them. This has its
advantages and disadvantages for a sniper so that is why i have a command to
toggle it (see bellow).

"How do I bind (setup) my keys?"

TFiguration does this for you automatically, all you have to do is execute your
.cfg file using one of the two methods mentioned above. Additionaly, you can load
up the config.cfg file from your TeamFortress directory (example: c:\quake\fortress)
into TFiguration and then make and save the file when you have all your keys
selected. This way, quake will automatically setup you keys when it runs with
TeamFortress by means of the config.cfg file. However, if you just want to know how
to bind keys, here is the proper method:

bind "key" command

Where key is the key you want to bind the command to. Examples:

bind "mouse1" +attack

bind "w" +forward

Example one sets the first mouse button to attack (fire your weapon) and the second
example sets the key w to be move forward. (Note: put your bindings in a .cfg file
or type them in at the quake console)

"What is TeamFortress?"

Why are you reading this file? Goto http://www.planetquake/teamfortress

--------Advanced Commands---------

tog_noaim - this just allows you to switch between having aiming assistance and not having it.
It displays a message telling the how it is set.

zoom - this is just a simple zoom script that allows u to set up the fov and the sensitivity
when you are zoomed. If find the delay from the built in autozoom to waste precious time
when you are sniping. Press the button once to zoom in, then again to zoom out.

quickswing - this allows you to quickly attack with the axe, and then return back to your
previous weapon. Great for the medic or engineer when the need to give out help in the
heat of battle.

+det# - this just allows you to set up your own custom length detpack.

pipejump - this allows you to used places pipebombs to jump very high. Just run over a
already placed pipebomb or two, and press use this command to be thrown high into the air

firepipe - this will fire a pipebomb no matter what weapon is selected (i bind this to
my left mouse button)

firegren - fire a normal grenade (not hand-grenade) no matter what weapon is selected
(i bind this to my right mouse button)

rocketjump - allows you so use rockets to jump really high.